Mantras for Meditation: September 15 – 21

Your Mantras for Meditation: September 15 - 21

The Power of Mantras

This week’s mantras for meditation are brought to you by another walking meditation. As I began to focus and quiet my mind, spirit, and body, many things became apparent to me and I began to receive profound guidance.

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This week, you may find yourself feeling insecure about some of your choices or opportunities, however, there’s no need to overthink them! So much of one’s misery goes back to the “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” way of thinking. But your choices have led you to your current place and, hopefully, you’ve learned some lessons too.

Chaos is Opportunity

The Chinese symbol for “chaos” is the same symbol for “opportunity.” Regardless of how much stress fills your journey, each step taken through the chaos can be turned into an opportunity. Many times, pressure often helps us focus and if we maintain our focus, we will often see new ways to find solutions that we could not have otherwise witnessed. Each challenge you approach has a lesson to teach and an opportunity to change your perspective. Each difficulty can either teach you compassion and enhance your humanity or else it can provoke envy and self-indulgence.

As you consider this week’s mantras for meditation, I hope you’ll let these ideas and words absorb into your psyche and guide your future choices based on what can be experienced, as opposed to what has already come to pass. It’s my hope that you will notice a substantial increase in your mental and emotional wellness.

September 15
“I am part of a great and varied web of life. I will enhance the life around me.”

When you grant your mind a moment of peaceful meditation, you’ll release the weight of stressful annoyances and use that freedom to lift all around you. There is great danger in allowing yourself to isolate and alienate because you’re part of the entire human experience. You are certainly not alone!

September 16
“I begin this day with a compassionate heart.”

It’s easy to overlook the importance of compassion, but all good things spring from compassion. We are social animals and we respond to primal signals, such as a kind smile or loving eyes. Therefore, let today be the day when you place the needs and comfort of another person ahead of your own. Leave your needs on the back burner for 24 hours. Ask yourself what you can do to ease the journey of another person. Happiness comes from serving another, according to you mantras for meditation.

September 17
“The sorrows I have known have been equally matched by my joys.”

It’s only in the darkest of the night that the most beautiful skies reveal themselves. If you’ve never known sorrow, how can you know joy? What is your point of comparison? Therefore, do not curse your sorrow. Know that it’s the doorway to joy.

September 18
“Happiness is not an acquisition. It’s a state of contentment of the mind.”

Your mantras for meditation remind you to consider all you have in your life. Look at the bounty of friends and work. However, if you have lost work, friends, or other things, look to the horizon and see what will come to you again in another form.

September 19
“Every moment I live I will be fully alive. The power of life is born again each day.”

As you begin your day, quiet your mind and allow yourself to fully experience “the now.” Don’t start your work before you arrive at the building! Each moment can be filled to its fullness if you simply experience it. Let the music on the radio inspire you to dance. Allow yourself to feel the road beneath your tires on your way to work or to play. Cherish the moment given because it will not pass again.

September 20
“My body is a reflection of my spirit and I will cherish them both.”

Today is a wonderful time to be aware of the wonder that is your body. Each day, your body takes raw materials and metabolizes them into microscopic minerals and fuels. It’s nothing short of a miracle! We are born with the ability to create teeth with enamel so strong, it lasts throughout the entire expanse of our lifetime. Brain cells multiply and divide by the billions and all is done without a single effort on our part.

September 21
“I will strive to maintain a healthy balance in all I do.”

As we approach the Autumnal Equinox, allow yourself a moment of meditation that connects to the grandeur that is the turning of the seasons. Great awareness and wisdom are found with the equilibrium of body, mind, and spirit. Your mantras for meditation encourage you to quiet your mind and explore the inner multiverse of infinite possibility.

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    i am experiencing a lot of negative influence trying to find someone positive to help me will this happen and when will my health get better so i can have a better job i want so much to live better and have my family love me and care about me again they seem distant and not seeming to want to come see me as I need all of them to come see me ………..missing family


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