Your Mantras for Meditation: September 29 – October 5

Your Mantras for Meditation: September 29 - October 5

The Power of Mantras

I’m delighted to see so many of you reading, sharing, and tweeting your favorite mantras for meditation! On behalf of myself and all the amazing folks who make this blog possible, THANK YOU! It’s my goal to offer you the observations and revelations presented to me through information gathered from my guides, the world around me, and meditations experienced. After all, when the mind is quiet, great insight can be discovered. That means you don’t have to be a professional psychic to tap into the magnificence of the conscious flow of life.

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This week, we will explore your inner warrior. S/he does not have to be violent to be a warrior. In fact, the very best warriors are the ones who reflect inward and know peace with such completeness that the peace is not broken—even during battles. A warrior at peace is an experience to behold!

Judging vs. Contemplating

All sentient beings have great travails and challenges; it’s what weaves the tapestry of our mortality. It’s in those moments of astounding stress that the real quality of one’s character rises. Do you defend your loved ones? Do you speak your truth and did you stand your ground when others fled? The wisest of warriors know that thinking (the complex consideration of many approaches to any given topic) is difficult. It’s why most people choose to judge rather than to contemplate. However, it’s only when we consider another viewpoint that the world begins to lighten. It’s also in wisdom that we find we don’t need to fight every confrontation. You have the ability to transform the entire energy field of such an interaction.

Time and Control

In the ancient martial art of Tai Chi, the master transforms the enemy’s energy and uses it to help the master take control of the situation. It’s a series of movements and thought control that makes this art so wonderful to witness. At no point is the master violent or threatening. Time and control wear down the opponent.

You Receive What You Need

In any given challenge, we may not receive what we had hoped for, however, we will receive what we needed. Every lesson in life will be repeated until it is learned. Whatever you fear is what you face. Life is not meant to be lived in fear-filled shadows. You certainly have the strength and ability to rise above any challenge! Now, let’s jump into your mantras for meditation.

September 29

“Words cast spells; it’s why they are created through ‘spelling.’ I will use their energy wisely.”

Your mantras for meditation remind you that it’s a very wise person who can determine the range of their tongue. More tears have fallen due to hastily spoken sentiments than from all the wars ever waged. There is a reason some monks take vows of silence: much can be found in the peace of contemplation and quiet.

September 30

“I will cherish this last day of September and I will do at least one thing that brings joy to another person.”

I’ve had people ask me how I can stay so positive when all I hear are the sorrows of my fellow humans. No matter how difficult my life may be, at times, one truth has never varied: When I reach out to help someone else, I immediately forget about my personal struggles. In that way, the warrior sacrifices for the good of the tribe. Therefore, you can make today kinder too.

October 1

“Today I will welcome a new month and life is good!”

If you find yourself spending a great deal of time going over debts or obligations, try to apply the minimum effort that reaches the necessary goal and then take yourself for a walk. Find a pile of leaves and kick through them, or better yet, fall into them! Let yourself laugh and celebrate the moment!

October 2

“I will be a day thinker and a night dreamer.”

Your mantras for meditation encourage you to consider your obligations and goals during the day. Then, give yourself a good night’s sleep by making sure your day is full of water, walking, and wonderment. You may be surprised at what a long walking meditation can do for your sleep habits.

October 3

“Only love lasts forever. Today I will cultivate that above all else.”

It may sound trite or even impossible at first, but you can approach almost everything through love. This kind of love is also known as compassion. From making sure the homeless person and their dog have water and warm blankets to genuinely caring whether the cashier is having a good day, approaching interactions through love can certainly change the world!

October 4

“It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war. I will discipline my body and control my mind.”

Being a warrior is not about killing. It’s about preparation so you are ready when your tribe needs you. In truth, we all hope that there will be no reason to call on our warrior self. However, we also know that each day can bring new challenges to those who need protecting. Therefore, live fearlessly!

October 5

“Today I will be courageous enough to apologize when I am wrong, help a stranger, and love myself unconditionally.”

Allow yourself the permission and freedom to be fully human. Everyone gets something wrong once in a while, but it’s the peaceful heart that acknowledges personal transgressions and seeks absolution. Your mantras for meditation encourage you to accept your frailties because your strengths far outnumber them! Have a great weekend and never forget how amazing and wonderful you are!

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