Mantras for Meditation: July 7 – 13

Mantras for Meditation: July 7 - 13

The Power of Mantras

Another week is warming up as the powerhouse that is July opens its doors to possibilities that were previously hidden from view. Your mantras for meditation see that you’re starting to change many things in your life that seemed unimportant before, and this week you’ll be exploring several options.

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This week is tumbling us toward a new moon and the new moon is a great time to reconnect with the “hidden” aspects of your true self and also reconsider where you’re taking your life. Will the path you’re on today lead you to the future you’re trying to develop? And, what’s on your horizon?

If you only see your problems and challenges, you’ll develop more problems and challenges. However, if you focus on what you already have that makes you feel grateful and joyful, it will be THOSE moments that are amplified and multiplied. Life is all about perception. Perception creates projection and what you believe is what you see. With that, let’s jump into this week’s mantras for meditation.

July 7
“Until I cross the bridge of my fears, I will never reach my full potential. Today, I move beyond my fears.”

Today’s waning crescent moon should remind you that just because something is hidden it doesn’t mean it’s gone.  What’s in your life that you hide? What are you avoiding? Look into your fears but remember your strengths too!

July 8
“Reaching my goal is simple. It requires continual and constant focus. I am up for the challenge!”

You may find yourself feeling somewhat overwhelmed today. In preparation for the upcoming work week, you may notice that your attention is in high demand for multiple projects and several issues at once. This is not how you like it, but it is what it is and it’s important not to lose sight of what YOU need. Therefore, you need to take a few minutes and focus on making your needs a priority and your dreams a reality.

July 9
“I am an example to many. Today I will also be an inspiration.”

Sometimes we forget how far out the ripples go when we extend ourselves into the Infinite. One single action can have far-reaching effects that we may never see in our lifetime. In the same way, any act of kindness can have the potential to alter the outcome of another’s day.

July 10
“I will make a greater effort to be kind. I will also be kind to myself.”

Being kind to those who don’t make it easy or, in your opinion, someone who is undeserving of such efforts, can be extremely challenging. It’s true that nothing worthwhile is ever all that easy, but your act of kindness may be the best part of a person’s day. A sandwich given to a homeless person may give them the hope they need to continue. A supportive word to a coworker may be the exact thing they need to get through their day. Kindness has a very long reach and it’s a rare and beautiful quality too. Enhance it, wear it, and promote it!

July 11
“I will stop blaming my past for my present problems.”

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of dodging responsibilities. We live in an age of “alternative facts” where it seems no one accepts responsibility and fingers continually point at others to blame. However, there’s a big difference between accepting your faults and shortcomings and allowing shame and blame to set in. Perhaps you’re worried that if someone sees your shortcomings or your errors in judgment they’ll look upon you with disdain or distrust. Actually, your mantras for meditation say that nothing could be further from the truth! People appreciate others who accept their own faults and adjust their behavior accordingly. Therefore, being responsible does not mean feeling guilty.

July 12
“Today will be a gentle and positive new direction.”

We’re almost to the new moon! Have you spent any time this week determining your future journey? Have you made time to write in a journal or record any of your dreams? The Infinite has a way of removing scenarios when they become a hindrance or are no longer needed. Life is a series of beginnings and endings, so letting go of something or someone doesn’t mean the relationship failed. It simply means the time allotted has been fulfilled.

July 13
“I have all I need to create the future of my heart’s desires.”

We all start out perfect, innocent and filled with potential. Regardless of the situation we initially experience, we all have the ability to learn from (and release) the negatives and build on the positives. Heroes exist everywhere and each one has overcome astounding odds to be where they are today. So what will you rise above today? What will you embrace? The Infinite is certainly waiting for your answer!

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