Dating and Facebook Etiquette?

We received an interesting question concerning dating and Facebook etiquette from a reader in Nairobi. Daniella writes:

I am in a relationship that has lasted for a year and a half. My partner says he loves and adores me, but he flirts with other girls on Facebook. I really like him, am I being a fool in this relationship?

What do you, Psychics and readers, feel are the rules with Facebook? Do you Facebook stalk your love interest? When is social networking too much?

4 thoughts on “Dating and Facebook Etiquette?

  1. Wanda

    No women should limit herself to one insecure man…
    Now adays we are independent adn do not need a man figure for support, just too release frustration….
    If the man have a larger list of women, then, men, don’t bother yourself, if you are looking for a partner, because he will ways say, they are just friends??????????
    An even plain, is better to dea; with then an uneven one…………….

  2. Psychic - Reed - x 5105

    I, too, have many clients who “check up” on their significant other by checking on his or her facebook or myspace accounts, or on dating websites.
    Obviously there is a big difference in a one-time flirtatious myspace message and an active eHarmony account.
    There is nothing wrong with checking on these things. If you are in a committed relationship, you certainly have a right to know if your loved one is courting someone else. However, don’t assume that every single status update or statement made is a personal message to you or a direct reflection of the condition of your relationship.
    Woman often have the need to feel cherished, adored, and supported, and there is nothing wrong with getting some on line adoration and support from friends. Men often have the need to be treated as strong and competent and there is nothing wrong with getting an online boost.
    If you find this happening, keep in mind that it is normal and healthy that you NOT be responsible for meeting all of your loved one’s social needs.
    If you find that your loved one really is being disloyal or dishonest with you, that is another matter.

  3. harley.grl

    I find the same im not dating anyone but the guys who claim to be interested in me all are online with other woman. and if u look at there friends lists its usually all woman so i usually delete them right away and they wonder why .Wonder why theres no trust anymore. If im online and see the GUY whos interested in me doesnt even say hi ,which tells me there to busy with others and im not tht important to say hi to …just my thoughts ..some of the posts from other woman are like wow said out loud for the whole world to read…not alot of couth id say …

  4. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Excellent and timely question. I do have a number of clients who track their love interests on Facebook or check online dating sites to see if their love interests have an active profile up.
    Social networking is one thing in and of itself-does your love interest have friends and/or professional acquaintances who are located across the nation or across the world? Are the postings friendly, “catch up on the news” type of postings? Are these people’s names familiar to you as your love interest has mentioned them to you in conversation as existing friends or colleagues? Probably nothing to worry about.
    On the other hand, are the postings very flirty or personal or definitely pursuing a personal relationship or attempting to start a personal relationship? If so, that may require some clear communication between the two of you to clarify both your relationship and your individual boundaries.
    Ext. 9146


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