Make Your Own Acquaintance

Get introduced to your inner self

We’ve all heard words to this effect: you do the best you can with who you are at the time. Given that we are ever-changing beings, our life shifts with our maturation and personal growth. But many people lose themselves along the way, veering from their deeper consciousness—perhaps by ignoring their innermost thoughts and feelings, perhaps in an attempt to keep up with family and social expectations. It could be that you have lost touch with yourself; or maybe you’ve never really delved into the depths of the “inner you.” There’s no time like the present to take a closer look at what makes you tick, a reintroduction of sorts to your true self.

Explore Your Inner Self

Are you in tune with the true essence of who you are—your beliefs, your values, your strengths, your fears? It’s easy to allow the daily grind of life to gloss over your true spirit, as personal growth is never a simple feat. Without a clear self-image, it’s possible for your environment to sway you, diminishing your personal power and sense of self-worth. Explore your true self by asking yourself the hard questions, such as: what is my life purpose, what is it that I can contribute to everyone around me, how do others see me, and is that who I really am or want to be? To help this process along, you can reflect on how you behaved and felt as a child. Were you creative, outgoing, adventurous? You may rediscover many things that you’ve forgotten how much you once enjoyed, which will lead you in a happier direction in the now.

1. Journaling

Writing down your thoughts and emotions is a great way to expel inner thoughts and frustrations, and you may find that self-expression through written words can be more enlightening than simply talking it out. Through journaling, you can reflect on your place in life, and what could be missing. You never know what unconscious thoughts and desires might surface through a steady stream of consciousness, all of which will help you get acquainted with your inner self. Write out a personal mission statement, list your favorite hobbies and interests, dedicate a page to personal goals and dreams—those reached and those not yet achieved.

2. Trust Your Decisions

Your inner compass, or deeper intuition, will never steer you wrong. As long as you are being true to yourself, making decisions based on self-growth and self-love, you will always choose well. Trust your inner guide in this way, no matter how other people or outside circumstances attempt to sway you, as they can derail you from your personal path.

3. Be Willing to Upset the Balance

Your life at this very moment is in a certain state of homeostasis, where no matter how miserable or lost you may feel, a sense of comfort and familiarity tends to keep you frozen in the same place in life. People often remain stubborn in their current existence, opting to fight for predictability no matter how mundane or unhealthy their life may be. Work on taking positive risks that open up your life to new possibilities.

4. Your Over-and-Under Achieving Self

Keep in mind that most people have multiple sides to their personalities, and this includes self-motivation. Some moments, some days, you may feel like there is so much you want to do in life, and all your goals—no matter how difficult—must be achieved at once, or sooner than is reasonable. Other times, you may feel a bit overwhelmed and hopeless, and may not make any positive effort to move forward with your goals and personal vision. Knowing, understanding, and challenging these dueling sides of yourself is a great experience in self-discovery.

In a sense, everything and everyone is in a constant state of flux, and as you go through life’s experiences, they continue to mold and shape you into the person you are. Doing a self check-up now and then will bring you closer to understanding and loving yourself in light of these experiences and changes. This self-discovery, this re-introduction into the inner you allows you to celebrate your achievements and stay true to your spiritual path. Though you are not yet the person you will eventually become, you can acquaint yourself with the person you are now, and savor the joy and beauty of all that entails.

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