“Long Island Medium” Comes to TLC, Spotlighting Psychics

TLC’s New Reality Show Spotlights Mediums and Their Abilities

“Long Island Medium,” a reality show which debuted on TLC this week, brings mediums and their ability to communicate with the dead to the wider attention of the public. Teresa Caputo, the show’s star, brings her talents at accessing the spirit world to the view of the public, casting light on the psychic world for a wide audience.

From Hollywood Reporter:

TLC’s new reality series, Long Island Medium, proves the dead know way more than us. They picked the gregarious Teresa Caputo and please believe she will make sure their loved ones get the message. The series premieres Sunday at 10 p.m., but The Hollywood Reporter has a sneak peek.

“You know finding out I was a medium was like a whole bag of emotions,” the mother of two says about her gift, which she began exploring 14 years ago. “It was scary, exciting, hard. It’s almost like every emotion you can possibly dredge up and stick into a bag, that’s the emotions that I had about finding out I was a medium. It was crazy.”

So, if you can get past the nails and the bleached blonde hair, Caputo seems as if she’s not only the real deal but she’s become quite good at communicating with the dead. But, you should make up your mind for yourself.

What do you think—what will the effect of “Long Island Medium” on the public be? Will it bring more knowledge and understanding of psychics and the psychic life to those who haven’t been exposed to them yet?

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