Karma and Your Life’s Journey

Balancing the Scales

I’m often asked by clients “When will he or she get what they deserve? They broke my heart; they lied and cheated, or they were abusive, stole my money, and were living a double life. The relationship was always about them. They moved in and now I can’t get them to move out. How can they get away with this?” Many of us have likely experienced some of this and have asked one or two of those questions ourselves. Is there payback? Does karma work? Is it true what you put out into the world comes back to you? The answer is most definitely a resounding yes!

The laws of karma, cause and effect are always working in our lives. In some circles it is referred to as the law of justice and balance. It might take eons of time for a situation to become balanced, or it might happen quickly and suddenly. The law applies not only to deeds, but to words and thoughts as well. Karma carries forward from the past and into the future, as far in both directions as one can imagine. The law transcends time and space. No one is exempt. You can count on karma to play out in your relationships without wanting to exact revenge. The system operates perfectly and needs no help from us.

Forgiveness goes hand in hand with the law of karma, as well as letting go. Forgiving the people that have hurt you and letting them go brings balance and aligns you with your true self. It is the most natural experience on earth to let go of what is hurting you. Letting go frees your mind of your attachments, thereby filling you with peace. Be grateful for the challenges that bring detours on your path. For as hard as that is to do, the challenges in your life take you to your most cherished sacred desires.

An extremely difficult concept to embrace is that every soul here on earth is family beyond the veil. We choose our roles while here, and not everyone chooses to be “the good guy.” However, those that we love to judge, dislike, even hate are made from the same cosmic dust as everyone else. The victimizers must play their roles convincingly, so that their victims will have an opportunity to either forgive them through grace or, if not, through karma.

When you exercise forgiveness and letting go principles, the law of karma delivers grace into your life. It puts you in an observation space, clearing your path, making it so much easier to attract what you want. When you’re ready, willing and open to receive, you’ll find that what you’re asking for is also looking for you.

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26 thoughts on “Karma and Your Life’s Journey

  1. mike

    Hi Faith
    Very nice article about karma
    We all would like to see it happens when someone hurt you intentionally and I wonder how they are able to move forward in life and always get what they want and be on top.

  2. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Hello MT – I have wondered the same thing myself. I imagine those folks are in a large amount of internal pain, enough to fill volumns in a library, all the while remaining in denial. You would not want their karma for sure dear one! 🙂

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  3. mt

    I wonder what happens to people who do horrible things and are so selfish who hurt people around who have helped them… pinches to see them live each day without being bothered of hurting the ones around who cared for them and helped them.. wonder what happens to them..

  4. M

    Dear Faith,
    I am hopelessly in love with a man who is both emotionally and physically unavailable. He’s a military man with a bachelor attitude and is based a few hours away from where I live. He and I had a brief but passionate relationship last year, but I fear he ended things because we moved too quickly. I am still desperately hoping that he and I will reunite, but his youth and our distance are two of many hurdles keeping us apart. I have spoken to a number of psychics, including yourself, who have all assured me that he will soon sew his wild oats and grow up. That he loves me and wants to start a future with me. I’ve been told that I will start seeing these changes soon and that he will contact me very soon. I have been told countless times that he and I belong together and that all I need is a little patience. But based on what I’ve been told, i should have heard from him by now.If you can’t tell already, I am the most impatient person. I want my “Happily Ever After” to start coming together, but I have yet to witness any positive changes. Why is that? Is it because I want this too much? Is it because I am too doubtful of the miraculous turnaround that is to come? Is it negative Karma?Please help me understand.M.

  5. Tracy

    I read my horoscope every day from the California Psychics, and the related posts and the blogs they put on here. I can’t start my day until I do. I do believe in karma. What goes around comes around. The thing I can’t figure out is why do I have so much bad luck. I treat others with respect even when they aren’t respectful to me. I am a good person and always try to do the right thing, but I have bad luck anyway. I keep thinking that I must have been a bad person in a previous life for my present life to be this bad. Is it possible to bring bad karma from a past life? Can other people’s karma influence your own life as well? I want to be happy but I can’t seem to get the black cat out of my back pocket. Thanks for the great article. I look forward to reading more.

  6. Carla

    Dear Faith,
    Thank you for your article. I am trying and feel i am almost there after 10yrs of being with a man that lied about his martial status to me from finally letting go of him and the past, it is very hard because we have a 4yr old daughter who has autism and other medical problems which includes a tracheostomy and feeding tube. He decided he wanted the best of both worlds and i would not allow me and my daughter to be second best to him so i stood up for myself and my daughter. He accused me of cheating on him and lying to my family and friends about the things he has done to me. He was verbally mentally and physically abusive and i had enough. He refused to sign my daughters birth certificate because he didnt want his wife to find out and he does not pay child support at all. I loved him so much and he ripped my heart out when he told me he would never leave his wife when he said he would. Its been hard being a single mother of a special needs child but i thank god for her every day. I just hope someday he realizes what a mistake he made by leaving us. He doesnt want to see her but says he loves her unconditionally? who says that? I pray every day another man comes into me and my daughters life who will love and accept both of us and want to be her daddy she deserves that after all she has been through in her 4 yrs of life. You have given me hope this will happen thank you

  7. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    mt – thank you for your lovely comments. Our expectations are where our pain resides. It’s awfully hard to have no expectations in this world – a lofty goal to aspire to I know. When our expectations are not met, we often find hurt and disappointment. What comes to mind about your friend is that “hurt people, hurt people”. Seems as though your friend is dealing with his own hurt and can’t offer comfort to you because all he sees is his own pain. He perceives himself as a victim. He may need to grieve a little more before he’s willing to look beyond this victim perception. When he is ready though, the relationship with you will change dramatically for the better. There is hope of course because energy is always moving and Karma is always operating.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  8. mt

    thank you for this lovely article.. gives me faith and some kind of hope.. that things will get better with time..
    Off late, i’ve been immensely hurt by a friend… for whom I’ve been with..in his most difficult time in the last few months.. while he had a break up with his gf.. but somehow it feels like he’s taken me for granted at times and shown a lot of inconsideration and disrespect in the friendship we share. .
    whenever i try to bring up my concerns about this.. he places himself in the bad place and kind of puts the blame on me.. which is very hurtful… when all i expect from him is to be there for me.. like i have for him.. or is it wrong to expect at all?

  9. marie

    I believe in karma but I don’t understand why I try to do the right things and others who are mean in their ways always end up on top. I have a ex as well who I loved dearly but hurt me very badly emotionally and while I still hurt everything goes great for him

  10. Shannon

    As a psychic myself it’s hard to see sometimes where relationships will go, because emotion clouds my judgement. There is a man in my life who hasn’t really done me wrong, but hasn’t really done me right either.

    As much as I try to move on and forget him I can’t. Of course then there is fate playing games causing us to run into each other in addition to dreams I have of him often.

    He’s going through a messy divorce and all I can do is wait and be there. I am praying karma pays off and the energy I have put into this man (I love him, so I don’t really lose) will pay off in the end when everything is said and done.

    So, karma plays both ways right? And when is it time to let go, even if your heart and fate won’t let you?


  11. Gelsomina

    Hello Faith,

    You are truly an Angel. And a wonderful psychic. You are so very gifted. I loved this article about Karma.

    Love and blessings
    Gelsomina 5354

  12. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Thank you for your message Debbie. Very glad you enjoyed this article and that it hit a chord. I feel that I know you; your message touched me and I can certainly identify with your story. Very sorry for your pain; I feel things will get better and turn around quickly for you going forward.

    As far as the man on the internet, I actually would address this from two vantage points. One is astrological aspects and placements that have made correspondence with those we care about extremely difficult and misunderstood as of late. These energies will be lifting and easing, getting much better by the end of April.

    The other more important point is that the individual you’re speaking to on the internet is coming with all of his unresolved issues; suitcases of baggage if you will. He seemed very defensive from what you have stated here. You obviously pressed a button that actually would benefit him if he would look at it. You may have helped him with his karma not even knowing it. And you may never know, but for you, try not to let someone like this hurt you. Better to catch this upfront than end up becoming someone’s punching bag.

    There is positive energy coming into your life and you are a lovely person who appears to understand the benefits of forgiveness and letting go. These energies work and are much more powerful than any of us really know until we utilize them. It would be a privilege to connect with you over the phone. In the meantime, holding you in prayer and sending Angels to help bring prosperity and abundance to you.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  13. Debbie Gray

    Dear Faith:

    Thank you so much for this article on Karma. It made so much sense to me right now. I have lived a life of pain inflicted by other people both physically and mentally. I have always had to struggle to have anything in life. Right now my bank is slamming me and my account is over drawn by $525.00 which has me totally baffled. I live on widow’s benefits of $670.00 a month. But your article has helped to release all the people who have hurt me and the bank that is doing this. I have read the comments printed here and found great peace. I know now that I am entitled to true love with my soul mate. I know also now that I am not destined to be always in a state of lack. That I can and will have all these things and more.It is also been shown to me that it is okay to dream for they will come true. I recently learned that if you put out positive energies that helps too. I have always been the shoulder for friends to cry on, the one who puts everyone’s needs ahead of my own, for several years I ran a food pantry to help any and all people in any way I could. I am still that same loving person who does everything to help anyone else. I do however have a question for you. I recently made a statement on the internet (in a private message to my soul mate) this is what I said
    ” Searching for your real soul mate,because she is searching for you?
    sorry was not supposed to be a question just a statement of fact”
    His reply was
    “i am not fake!”
    My reply was
    “I am sorry I never said you were a fake!!! I just said your soul mate was searching for you
    sorry hun I never implied you were a fake.”

    Maybe I was too hasty I don’t know but it hurt me deeply when he though that I called him a fake. I would never do that to anyone! Especially him. I can only assume that he misunderstood the meaning of fact, thinking it meant faked. He is from England. I will look forward to your reply.
    Have a Blessed Easter! The time of new beginnings.

  14. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Hello Marc from the UK ~ I greatly appreciate your story ~ as you mentioned ~ “maybe in its own way Karma delivered for he lost everything! It sometimes takes time. I am learning that forgiveness and letting go do seem to speed up healing, so maybe to move forward we have to be honest and positive with ourselves.”

    Very wise advice here Marc. Karma can take eons of time for a situation to become balanced, or it might happen quickly. The piece that we can’t always see is what circumstances have led to the current events or why someone is the way that they are, like the boss in your story. Therefore since Karma is always operating, how it might play out especially in someone else’s life, we aren’t always privy to. With the man in your story however, you are seeing how the Karma has begun.

    The most important part is that you and your wife let the positive energy work in your life by forgiving and letting go. There is so much power in forgiveness which makes room for our own light to shine and then attract new and better circumstances. Looks like you and your wife did that in hearts! Thank you again for your comments and sharing your experience.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  15. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Dear Gina Rose,

    Glad you enjoyed this article. I always appreciate your kind thoughts and support.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  16. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Hello Brown Eyes, thank you so much for your comments. I am very glad to hear that you are putting yourself first now. Becoming more in touch with your desires, hopes and dreams allows new manifestation energy to come forth. Now you can utilize your power to attract not only what you want but what and who is right for you. I have seen through the Laws of Karma the energy removing someone out of our life that is hurting our spirit in every way; especially if we are not strong enough to do it ourselves.

    Allowing the energy to shift while you are alone for a while does take trust and faith. When we give up resisting and get more involved in what we love and most likely have forgotten about, the energy moves quickly. 1st we start to feel better, 2nd we start to put more energy into creating what we truly want and 3rd, we begin to know we deserve the absolute best that life can offer. When you know it, you attract it.

    The Laws of Karma do work, through forgiving those that have hurt us. The good news is that the practices of forgiving and letting go are for you – to free you! Not anyone else. There is nothing more painful than holding on to someone that is not right for you. As far as seeing someone else’s life that looks fantastic, the Law of Karma is still in effect. We all have our lessons and challenges to deal with and can’t always truly see or know exactly what is going on in someone else’s life. It may not be as perfect and rosy as it appears on the shallow surface.

    As we start looking ahead to what is coming into our life, we stop looking in the rear view mirror where all the pain resides. Karma works for everyone and we cannot know how that will play out, or when. Just to know that it does. You are in a new life now and miracles are happening for you every day. I have an affirmation for you that will work beautifully. Give it a little time and say it often and you will see gifts coming to you seemingly out of nowhere.

    ‘Miracles happen every day for me. One is happening right now. I am filled with Miracles of abundance, success, love and peace.’ This will bring Grace into your life and Grace brings love and multiple unimagined opportunities. You are appreciated and loved more than you know.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  17. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Thank you Theresa for your comments. Your dream is filled with beautiful wisdom. My studies with ‘A Course In Miracles’ have given me deep understanding and perspective on the idea that the separation from people on earth is absolutely an illusion.

    The essence, of all of us is the same as your dream pointed out with the water (spirit) from one bowl (body/personality) to the other. Yet the content (water) is the same (spirit). We’re all connected to the one Universal mind. Love your dream, beautiful guidance for me as well. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  18. Marc from the UK

    Hello what a great fairy tale article, it ticks all the boxes but is it right? I have a story to tell, but before I do can psychic Faith answer Brown eyes response? In the mean time my story is this: my wife and I both worked for an estate agent 22 years ago, this particular guy was ruthless, selfish ego maniac who was also a predator of women and weaker people, his whole life revolved around image, status, money, power, sex, cars , houses. To say I hated this guy was an understatement, he desrved bad karma but he just seemed to get by with no consequence to his behaviour and attitudes, I stood up to him and promptyly got fired! I am no mans punchbag and held my ground but it cost me my job, my wife stood up too him and survived a lot longer than I did, one day in an staff appraisal he asked my wife where she thought her future was and she stated in Human resources, staff training and coaching in the estate agency business, he laughed at her and dismissed her dreams there and then, BIG MISTAKE!, she eventually buried herself into learning her craft, and became Englands first degree level in management in estate agency and eventually moved into training new trainee estate agents, went self employed and has become a respected person inher industry, ” She turned a negative into a positive” I in the meantime stayed at home for a year, looked after the kids, eventuyally got head hunted in the flooring industry, and today run a respected business, 20 years later KARMA came a knocking, I was talking to a client who told me that her estate agency had phoned her to tell her that her boss had been arrested and jailed, and that he was no longer in the business and not to cancel there agreement as the publicity was about to go public. It turned out this horrible man, had been arrested for attemted rape of a minor, he was quickly caught as the police cleverly told him they had found some money he lost during this attempted rape in a local town with a cheque also in his name, greed being his downfall he arrogantly attended the local police station and was promptly arrested for the rape, he admitted it to save trial and was jailed immediately. KARMA played its part, he lost his partnership in an estate agency in a small town, he lost face, everybody knew him and what he had done, he lost all respect, all friends and any chance of being the big man he once portrayed! He ended up on google, so maybe in its own way Karma delivered for he lost everything! It sometimes takes time. I am learning that forgiveness and letting go do seem to speed up healing, so maybe to move forward we have to be honest and positive with ourselve’s. I wish Browneyes well, but would be interested in psychic Faiths response! Marc from the UK

  19. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Faith,
    Really enjoyed reading your article on Karma, or as we call it in my circle, Universal Law.

  20. browneyesbrowneyes

    The idea of karma and everyone getting what they dish out is something I have a hard time believing anymore. Especially concerning affairs of the heart. Those that hurt me seem so happy with what they have now, but with me it seems I always have to settle for less than what I wanted. Even though I do for others and put their feelings above mine in a lot of cases, it seems no one puts my feelings first. And this has changed me over the last couple of years. Ive become a little more selfish and put myself first a lot of the time these days. Im beginning to think life is just a game of survival. It just seems that the women that I see neglecting their children get the man they wanted and their children seem to dote after them. The men that break hearts and lie and cheat seem to end up with great jobs and seemingly great women. The same with women that lie and cheat on their husbands,,,,they go on to land a rich man and a life of leisure. While those like me that do for others and work hard at my job seem to stay stuck in the same position, no matter how hard I try to get ahead and settle for time with someone of the opposite gender that is in no way what I had in mind for myself. But its better than sitting alone. So I will be glad when karma shows itself if it exists. But I am not holding my breath anymore, lol.

  21. Theresa

    Hi Faith, your article couldn’t be more timely in my life. I woke up a few nights ago and had vivid memories of being in a place with a long table in front of me and on the table were very ancient looking shallow pedestal-bowls. These bowls were filled with water and represented people on earth. I was supposed to choose a bowl, the “right” bowl, and “read” it. Instead I paused and raised my hands in the air and all of the bowls lifted up and tipped into one another all cascading into one bowl, which I then read. My reasoning was that the separation between people on earth is an illusion because we all come from the same source we are all going back to the same source. I was explaining this to my ex, showing him how water from one bowl is equal to water from a different bowl, and giving this as an explanation why it doesn’t serve us to quarrel with one another. Although it sounds as though I interpreted the dream IN my dream, I’m still mulling this over. It was like going to bed being able to only do high school algebra and waking up performing college calculus. I’m working on understanding these perspectives and how to apply these insights into my forgiveness for him. Thank you for your article.


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