Intro to Taoist Healing

The heart and soul of all Taoist healingis the principle of divine order and balance. Everything unfolds with perfect timing. Balance feels like well being when we go with the flow.

For me, the most intriguing Taoist tool is I Ching-based astrology. I Ching astrology doesn’t quite squeeze into the usual astrological models. In fact, some say ‘cosmology’ is a better fit. I Ching astrology is based on the birthday and year, but does not consider the place of birth or include planetary influences. Instead, it focuses on how star light influences our lives and spiritual evolution.

It works with nine principle energies rather than twelve, and each energy visits us for one year at a time beginning at birth. At the end of nine years, the cycle begins again. The nine energies, or wisdom pathways, are called Heaven, Lake, Mountain, Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Wind, and Center. Each has an inherent wisdom, challenge, strength, and lesson.

At the New Year, in February, a specific energy arrives, setting the stage for the spiritual theme at play behind our experiences. The trick is to cooperate with the spiritual principle that is organizing and orchestrating the year. Resistance leads to disaster (against the stars). I feel embarrassed to say this, but sometimes I do resist, and then I get retrained.

In 2007, I was in a Fire year. Fire’s wisdom lies in connecting from the Heart and responding from instinct. That year, I excelled at connecting with my Heart and ignoring my ‘gut.’ I clung to what I thought I wanted, and worked very hard to keep it — even though it poisoned my well being. So in 2008, when I entered a Water year, all of my ‘can- live-without-it’ were promptly washed away. I had to acknowledge that a business person had been stealing from me, a three-year relationship ended out of the blue, a business partner unexpectedly crossed over, leaving an important project in limbo, and the list goes on.

Knowing I was in a Water year helped me accept the inevitable and move back toward balance. Water years are geared to teach us to go with the flow or exhaust ourselves until we have to let go and trust. In 2009, I safely landed in the blessedly nurturing energy of Earth.

This year, I look forward to the healing energy of Thunder and the opportunities to communicate — which are now open for me. Looking back, I can see how my life has unfolded so that I could grow in spirit and wisdom. Looking forward, I can use what I’ve learned to help others and to create joy and success.

How have you awakened to healing energy in your life? Tell us!

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