How to Talk to the Dead

Communicate With the Other Side

You do not have to be a practiced psychic to have a conversation with spirits. By using tools and “yes” and “no” questions you can find out information and answers to your questions. In paranormal investigations we use digital recorders for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), flashlights, and EMP (Electronic Magnetic Pulse) meters, and in some cases something as simple as a stud finder!

This is not a party trick; the atmosphere, and your attitude is a crucial part of the investigation. Paranormal investigation can be complex and this information is meant only for you to talk to your own resident spirit. Anything more requires classes, training or the help of professionals. Lights off with flashlights (and remember extra batteries for all electronics, as their energy can be “pulled” and used by the spirit). Make sure you are clear and safe walking in that area. Make yourself comfortable, it works best if you can spend some time there.

Knock, Knock: The basic one knock for yes, two for no, can work quite well as long as you give the spirit directions, and examples of what you are looking for.

Flashlight: I use a flashlight with a button on the end that you push in to turn it off and on. To set it up, turn it on, and slowly unscrew the front section until the light just barely goes off. Set it down on a flat surface where it will not roll, but the back is accessible. Test by applying a very small amount of pressure to the on/off button on the end, which should allow the loose head to make contact and the light to come on. I sit a few feet away and tell the spirit out loud to how to operate the flashlight, and to use ONE flash for YES, and TWO flashes for NO, and now I ask my questions out loud.

EVP: Digital recorders work best. Take your device into the space and turn it on and walk a few feet away from it. Now ask your questions out loud. Do not expect to hear the answers with your ears, as that is rare, but the recording is much more easily affected! Ask all your questions, then leave to check the recording. Be aware that the sounds can be frightening when played back and do not do it alone while in the area.

EMP: Electronic pulse meters are used in a couple of ways in paranormal investigation, the first is to rule out EMP that could be causing problems or false readings (faulty wiring, unshielded sources), however, I use mine to communicate. You can set it down away from everyone, and ask the spirit to approach the lights and “light them up,” again once for yes, and twice for no answers. You can even use a regular stud finder to do this as well!

Be clear, be safe, and honor what you are told. Let us know how it goes!

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25 thoughts on “How to Talk to the Dead

  1. amanda may

    So my mother passed away bout five yrs almost. And was very young . She had me and three of my sisters. She was very young. How my mother died made bo sense to me what do ever I knew her very well. Her recent husband at funeal didn’t even cry and the stories he told was like really. Make up your mind in what happens. I would get theses dreams of her after that she was trapped and was reaching out . I have a feeling that want they say her death was not true something else happens and I need and want to find out what happens. For closer everyday I think of her and want to know she is ok and the truth.

  2. Tiat

    Interesting blog. I am a physical medium (transfiguration), channeling medium, etc. I have little trouble contacting any “dead”. Thanks for the blog.

  3. bronte

    I have a big need to taslk with my deceased parents, aholyh roller’ friend of mine insistsI will not be able to do so because mediums are demons in disquise and will give me the wrong info and will put me in disfavor of God

  4. Natalie

    My step dad and I had an agreement 3 words we would relay if we could get thru somehow say them and I’m a believer forever 🙂

  5. nicholas webb

    hi, I lost my aunty 5 years ago and would like to know if she is ok and if she can see if anyone in my family needs help or maybe if she knew what happened to a computer of mine. I want to give my mum some closer on my aunties thoughts on what she should do due to having cancer.

  6. HOLLY

    @Leanne Something is special about 16. I felt the need to tell you this..and that the computer is ok to continue to use…he is with you and smiling. Sometimes you smell him. He really is with you all the time. If you look at the moon, you will know.

  7. sammie hyden

    Yemaya That was wonderful advise and it does work. Many believe it only works for earth-bound spirits but as all spirits or close just thru the thinning veil it will work if they are able to respond.thanks sam

  8. Leanne

    I lost my husband, the love of my life, a year and 7months ago. I try to go on, I just miss him so much. He was my first love when I was 18. I lost touch with him for 15 years, then found him again. It was like that time had never passed. We finally got married and that was the happiest day of my life! I wish I’d had more time with him. I wanted to grow old with him, not be a widow at 49. I want to know he’s still with me. I want to talk to him. I don’t like living when he’s not here. I hurt everyday, does it ever end?

  9. Janice

    My brother passed away tragically thirty-five years ago, when I was a teenager. I never have had really any vivid dreams of him or experienced any paranormal activity until a few months ago, My two year old grandaughter was spending the night and she had woke up in the middle of the night. I was up with her for about an hour just watching some tv and reading a book to her, when finally I felt she might try and go back to sleep I laid down on the bed with her. At first she laid her head down on the pillow then immediately sat up and started to crawl towards the end of the bed, then right away she turned back to me and crawled as fast as she could up to where I was laying her little body was trembling!I said whats wrong baby? What do you see? she kept pointing back to the end of the bed I asked is it a person? she shook her head yes,the I said is it a boy or girl and she said a boy! I asked where he was at and she kept saying right there!! in front of us! and then she started to sit up again and wave her hand like waving goodbye to someone! She was no longer trembling or acting scared at all! I asked her if this person said his name, and she kept trying to make the letter P sound repeatedly then I said peeg? and she said yes! that was a pet name we had for each other since I was born! The next morning I showed her a picture of my brother, she had never seen one of him ever! she’s only two so she would not have known anything of him yet, she looked at his picture and said downstairs! thats where we had been when she had seen him. She looked up at me and then the picture of my brother and waved her hand and said yeah, hes downstairs! I’ve always believed in spirits but never had proof but have always heard of children having that ability to see the departed now I know……..just wish I could see him too.

  10. emma

    my husband loved me too much. he is no more but he is around. my son is an adult now and i see my husband in him every minute of the day in every gesture, in every conversation, in every manner, in attitude, in behavior, in looks, in the words that he used to say to me which my son never got to hear from my husband ever….oh the list is endless

  11. Ashton

    I lost the love of life a little over a year ago. We have a five year old son, every time i look at my son I see him. I’m only 26 years old this is the hardest experience I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. I pray that the persons responsible for his death will be caught and that justice is served. I have seen him in my dreams a couple of times but nothing was said. I hope these dreams continue and I wish I could see and talk to him 1 more time but I feel him and I know hes with us watching over us and I thank god for that.

  12. Chrissi Matusevics

    you and me both Amy in my case I thought I’d moved on- but when I heard it literally took my breath for a second- and it dropped that I never really had stopped loving him at all I miss him so bad it hurts and I keep wishing I go somewhere and he will be there, I will rush up to him and hug him, and he would smile at me- he had such a wonderful smile- it melted me- but I fear it might be becoming an obsession- I sat and cried to stuff we used to listen to at first, and have been visiting where we used to walk together as well

  13. vicki hartnett

    I lost my son 4 years ago, For 3 years I had crawled into the grave with him, because I couldn’t follow him into the light. I refused to believe that we could no longer talk,after all I did readings for others why not myself. One night I woke to find on my wall a circle of light around 2 feet in diameter. The second night my husband and I seen the circle of light, except this time it took up most of the wall. My husband ran around our country home trying to find the source. It was no where to be found. This light was so bright, yet we could look at it comfortably. We were dumbfounded. We felt no fear just accepted it as supernatural. I can’t remember if it was that night or the next, but I woke up and sat up without even knowing why, looked over at my sofa to see my son sitting there staring at me. He never spoke with words yet I could feel love like I have never experienced before. My son was made entirely of light, his eyes, nose, arms and legs, EVERY part of him was made of this love filled light. I have no way to descibe it other than that. The light was the same brightness covering every part of him,yet I could see all of his features. My husband and I felt completely drained of all our energy so the visit was short, but I knew I was looking upon him, and that he was a part of the God filled light. I started to then believe that when I spoke to him, that even though it was my voice I was hearing back, I knew it was him. After 2 years of this now, I know when he speaks to me, even though I have not seen him since, he proves to me all the time that it is him doing the things that happen. Death is not the end, our loved ones no longer have bodies but they do want to continue a relationship with us. Don’t give up on them, I promise it does not have to be over, they will gladly show you they are still with you. I miss seeing my son, I miss the sound of his voice, but our new relationship is growing stronger everyday. We made a promise to each other the first one to pass would come back and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we go on after our bodies die. I have learned that spirits will use our energy to manifest themselves, but when you experience it for yourself its like being hit with a mack truck. The word of God says nothing is impossable to those who believe, and ask and you shall recieve. When my son was killed I didn’t hate God, but I didn’t care to give him a second thought, but the words Ask and you shall recieve were always on the fore front of my mind. With encouragement from my son I was able to start a facebook group for Families in Mourning. Don’t listen to what the world says about death, listen to your heart. By doing that you will be able to hear from those you love that have gone home ahead of you.



  15. amy

    I lost the love of my life almost 3 years ago and one thing that i feel the urge to do is communicate with him. like they say you dont know what you got till its gone. If people only knew. i feel him still in my heart every single day i want to know hes safe and crossed over to the other side i want him to know i love him andf always will. boy what id do different if i had another chance.

  16. Randy

    Oh yeah I loved the story and somepeople may not belive it they mean no harm. Moms and dads alike took care of while they were here and If they get the chance they will look over us now. You know we sometimes relate to our people that we love and this is another way to let us know when there here. My dad lost his battle with cancer nearly 6 yrs ago but I know when he is here No Doubt.

  17. phil bell

    thank you so much for your article i have so many loved ones i need to talk with i hope someday soon it will happen even dreams with them would be a great start

  18. susan wells

    My Mom was and will always be my best Friend, she passed away in March 2006, before she gotten real bad with Cancer she and I pinky sworn she would never leave me, well God had his own plan, and after 22 months of fighting Cancer, she left us , I was with her for 8 days and nights , while she laid in a Coma, I stayed awake Hoping and praying she would wake up ;and talk to me, she never did, wake up,, all I wanted was for her to tell me, what she wanted from,me, she never did,the Cancer made a Beautiful woman turn into a stranger, it even made my sister cry to look at her,but Mom fought until the END we even told her it was ok to go if that was what she needed to do, But I am keeping her memory alive , You see I write POETRY, in her MEMORY,I wish that she would come to me and talk, to me, I miss her more and more each day,even that she has been gone 6 yrs it seems like Yesterday,Mom I love you , Unconditional, that You said to me,years ago,

  19. micah mcdaniel

    What is your opinion on Ouja boards? Are they real or are they simply a toy manufactued by Parker Brothers?
    As a child I used to get really spooked when we used them. I could see how easy it would be to cheat now that I’m an adult.


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