How Do You Get the Life You Want?

When You Grab Hold of Life, Make Sure You’re Grabbing in the Right Place!

It’s one of the most important questions there is, yet one we are sometimes hesitant to ask directly:

“How does one get what one wants out of life?”

We asked our psychics, and got some excellent answers! Read on…

“In the first year of his presidency, President Kennedy stated that within one year he wanted to put a man on the moon. Everyone said ‘No, you can’t do that.’ He was met with resistance and doubt. Ignore all that stuff, and keep your focus on the goal. There will always be naysayers whenever we aspire to something, It’s best to keep your ideas to yourself, or to just share them with one other who is in alignment with your goal.”

Quinn ext. 5484 says:

“Defining what you want is a very important aspect of achieving your dreams and goals. Without vision or a knowing of your wants, life is going to serve up whatever the daily special is, be it sunshine or rain. I think that passion is the biggest aspect of getting what you want. Passion converts to drive, which paves the way to getting your heart’s desires, be it love, fame or money. Education is also a great factor in building a solid foundation.”

TeriLynn ext. 9625 says:

“First, you will want to determine what it is you want. Write it down on a piece of paper so that you can define and refine what you’re seeking. Take a serious look at where your priorities are and what has importance to you for the ‘now,’ then what is important to you for the longer term in your life. As we change over the years, our needs and wants change also. Material needs are important, but personal, physical and emotional needs are equally important, as is a desire to be in a career.

“Sometimes it’s necessary for you to know that your wants are deeply spiritual, and that fulfillment is needed in this arena as well as with work, family, etc. Your attitude about life will come through in various circumstances. If you find yourself rejecting and feeling disappointed about your life, it could be that your focus is on the sad rather than the glad of your life. Your daily ritual should be one of grateful learning and fun in daily activity. If you only see the sad and not the glad, you may miss the opportunity to turn your life around, because you did not look around your concerns, only dwelled in them without finding a way out.

“So, to get the ‘wants’ out of life is to create a daily joy of wanting to change your life into a happy state of mind and emotions. Regardless of what it may appear like, know daily that you’re getting out of sadness and into the gladness of who you are, what you want and the joy of the challenge to make the “get what you want” to happen. Give happiness a try and see if, indeed, you don’t find the release of a sad state of being into achieving a happy one!”

Cameron ext. 5412 says:

“The most important thing you need to know to get what you want out of life is that everyone is born with some special gift, something they’re here to teach, and that we’re all born to make some kind of contribution. Sometimes we forget, or feel we never knew what that gift is or was, but it’s there, and often a psychic, astrologer, or a spiritual counselor has to help us locate it. Often all it takes is looking at certain patterns in our lives and the things that have happened to us, both wonderful and difficult, to see a theme, to find the clues that reveal to us our purpose. Once you know who you are and why you came here, then you can have the confidence to go forward, even in the face of obstacles, knowing that you are living out your vision. It’s important that we honor ourselves this way. When we go for what we want, we make a connection with others, and, most importantly, to ourselves.

“We get what we want out of life when our intention is clear; when we have a conviction in our hearts, and an understanding of where our passion lies. When we’re sure about what we want, the next step is to flood that intention with love, believing that the Universe wouldn’t give us that dream unless it were possible. We need to give ourselves over to life completely, and express gratitude as often as possible. It’s amazing how life showers us with more good, when we can feel a sense of comfort, even in troubling times, that there is something to be grateful for.”

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5 thoughts on “How Do You Get the Life You Want?

  1. -quinn ext. 5484

    THANK YOU Krishna Bill for putting together yet another wonderful source of information.
    it has been a pleasure reading your blogs and actually being able to be a part of them.
    ~~~metta waves~~~

  2. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Marcea, Quinn, Cameron and Terylynn-All such important things to remember, and I find truth in everything you all say! Quinn, love the, “Daily special” lol truth and humor so combined..
    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. You are all very special to this line. So proud to know and work with all of you.
    I so enjoyed this post. Thanks!!! Miss Krystal

  3. nkeng

    I really do apritiate youadvicescoz there are realy encouraging and worth readng. You have teachme alot and unfold the mistory of getting what i want in life. Thanks a dozen.

  4. chloeChloe ext. 9421

    These are some wonderful thoughts and I absolutely love Cameron’s notion of clarity and “flooding our intention with love”.

    Most of all say, “Yes!”

    Yes to everything in life. Yes I can. Yes I want. Yes I will.

    Love & Light!

    ~Chloe (ext 9421)

  5. Deborah Jani-MunizDeborah Jani-Muniz

    I feel that one of the ways to achieve goals is to look at yourself, DEEP INSIDE, grasp your feelings, thoughts emotions together, with Grounding yourself first. Once one feels good about themselves, then it’s time to move FORWARD. That’s where self-confidense steps in place. We cannot move backwards into time, for this is a major stepping stone, that many people struggle through, in different “obstacles”. Looking, and finding oneself, can be difficult, but doing this, one will feel much mor comfortable with moving on, and know that an accomplishment has been made.


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