Get Over the Fear of “Missing Out”

Are You Worrying too Much About What You’re Not Doing?

The best year of my life was when I was 28 because I was single, fearless, and unstoppable! After getting a new job, starting a Master’s degree program, and breaking up with my boyfriend, I was initially scared of my new life. At the same time, I was so proud of myself for taking three big steps toward the life I truly desired. Instead of constantly fearing being stuck in a life that was not fulfilling, I opted to take a chance and face the fears of starting over in every aspect of my life: career, education, and romance. Through my journey, I had many “ah-ha” moments that I will share with you:

Epiphany #1: Fear and regret over what is “missed” can haunt you forever while trepidation and concern over new experiences is ephemeral. With my new understanding, I realized that I must venture into the unknown more often if I want to live regret-free.

Epiphany #2: When faced with a decision I should always ask myself this question: “What will be worse—fearing the unknown and missing out on an experience or facing the unknown and partaking in an experience that could be great? The answer for me is obvious now.

Epiphany #3: Before making any big decision I imagine myself 10 years from now, and if I will have a memory of that day or if the day will be lost like a pebble in the sea. Each day is an opportunity for greatness, so I try to make each one memorable.

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Epiphany #4: Missing out is a fact of life. We all “miss out” on so many experiences for various reasons: not enough money, little time off work, incorrect paperwork, health issues, et cetera. We must teach ourselves to accept the feeling of “missing out” without it being surrounded by regret; otherwise, we lead a life full of worry all the time! That is no way to live and be happy.

Epiphany #5: Missing out can be good for you, your soul, your bank account, and more. Many people who get everything they want and do not “miss out” on anything can be spoiled and ungrateful. In addition, it does not teach them how to be as flexible, minimal, and hard working as we all need to be.

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Epiphany #6: Stop focusing on what I am missing out on and start focusing on what I am doing and getting! We all have things to appreciate so spend energy enjoying those things in your life that you love.

Missing out on experiences and having fear are a part of life, but they should not take over your life by any means. Every day is an opportunity to be courageous and go after the things you want. A tip I learned from reading a book titled The Secret is to think positive about what you want and imagine having those things. Never think in terms of the negative because the universe does not recognize positive and negatives; it recognizes only the object of your thoughts. For example, if you do NOT want a divorce and you keep thinking about it, the universe sees the word “divorce” only. Instead, envision your marriage as a happy one so the universe can deliver that to you. Likewise, stop thinking about missing out and start envisioning all the great things you WILL do fearlessly. If you still have trouble taking leaps of faith and striving for happiness then you should speak to a psychic who will help you conquer your fears.

4 thoughts on “Get Over the Fear of “Missing Out”

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Melody,

    Fatastic article….as I’ve said many times, fear is the biggest crippler known to mankind !

    So get over your fears, it’s a big ,wide world out there and life is meant to be lived and experienced !

    Not living is stagnate Karma, whereas living is creating Karma and evolving on the spiritual plane.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    I look forward to more articles on this topic.


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