Get It Right or Move On!

I knew as we rolled into 2009 that this year, which adds up to an 11, was going to be a very interesting, yet challenging, one!

As I do daily readings I see this happening every day — and I have been performing readings for CP for more than three years. In numerology 11 is a very powerful, “do what you should be doing” energy. That means all those relationships for the past, one, two, even three years — or more — that are not beneficial and have been dragging on… will finally break apart. Although the fear was that if a breakup were to happen it would be horrible, most are finding it to be an easy transition. I have had many calls asking about future relationships, and then I generally tune in to the past long-term relationship breakup. I truly get the sense that these people are ready to move forward and let go of all mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical ties.

It is crucial to let go before you start a new relationship. So if you are really feeling that urge to move forward, you are definitely not alone. Of course, some relationships that have been a little rocky for both parties may still be beneficial…there may be some positive changes that strengthen the current relationships. So this is the year to get it right… or move on!

Is your relationship past its prime? Tell us more.

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