Everyday Spirituality

Here’s a question for you:

What is the role of the spiritual in your daily tasks? Do you include spirituality in, for example, grocery shopping, cooking meals, exercising, going to the movies, picking up family members, and so on?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments…

6 thoughts on “Everyday Spirituality

  1. Angie Steadman

    Is this name, Everyday Spirituality, copyrighted? Please contact me regarding someone else using this name as their site in Bakersfield, CA.
    Thank you.
    emai listed FYI

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  3. Sienna, ext. 5261

    Hi there Hartman.

    May I ask what you’ve tried up to this point?

    Generally speaking recharging our spiritual ‘batteries’ so to speak, can be a fairly simple process.

    I like to put myself into a light meditative state and visualize that I’m being surrounded and filled with white light energy. I do this with the intention that the white light will clear my energy of anything that needs to be removed and energize me on spiritual levels. It’s a fairly quick process and usually doesn’t take more than a few minutes each day.

    Also, in terms of the spiritual we are never alone. Our friends and helpers in spirit are always willing to lend a hand. All we need to do is ask. If the white light idea doesn’t appeal to you perhaps asking spirit to assist will help you find what you’re looking for.

    Love and Light,

  4. Rhonda Braswell

    I am a strong believer in Karma, so I pay close attention to cause and effect situations. I also try to approach all situations from a place of compassion, love and graditude. I would like to say I am released from ego, but I am still human, so that has not happened, but being aware of when ego is getting in the way of my soul purpose, is helpful. I try to remember to protect my energy by wrapping myself and my loved ones in white light and ask my guides and angels for support in all I do. I also turn to my tarot cards daily for insight into my contract on this earth. Meditation is also a great tool and part of my learning process. I lost my husband last year at a young age. The best thing my spirituality and connection to spirit has brought me is continued contact with the love of my life. I hope to write more about the wonderful experiences I’ve had with him from the otherside, but for now, I know that if I didn’t have this understanding of spiritual issues, I would have missed the signs. Thanks for the opportunity to write!!

  5. hartman533

    A psychic told me I have a good soul, but my spiritual energy was low. She didn’t give any suggestions and I have tried everything. Any suggestions?

  6. amy444

    I include spirituality everyday and every minute of my daily life. I am a teacher and I ask my angels and spirit guides to drive for me to and from work, to help me be the best teacher that I can be, to be able to connect with all my students and to help them understand the subject matter, I also ask them to help me find a parking spot, to help and bless all my family and friends on everything they might need, etc. As you can see, I ask my angels and spirit guides for everything. I couldn’t do anything without them!


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