Even You Are Psychic

“Do all of us have some psychic gifts? Can these gifts be developed?”These are just some of the questions I am asked by callers as a psychic for California Psychics.

I have always believed that psychic abilities,while seeming like a special gift, are much more like a super-developed talent. They’re similar to someone who may speak several languages beautifully, or play the piano magnificently.

Talents can be developed, and talents can become stronger. As I train people in the business world to enhance their intuition, or psychic abilities, I have never seen one instance where psychic abilities did not increase — and sometimes dramatically — so as long as someone applied themselves.

Becoming aware and using the following principles of psychic times will support the growth of psychic talent. You will be amazed that by doing these simple exercises on a regular basis how much you can increase your own abilities to feel “the psychic connection.”

There exists special psychic times where we can all more easily access information from other dimensions. Think about the time right before you sleep and then when you wake up — you are going into and leaving another dimension!

Psychic work involves suspending physical realities and accessing a non-physical world. As you enter or leave sleep times, you are entering a much different world than your daily life. This unique space around sleep time can be easily used to develop psychic connections and abilities.

A great exercise to do is have your “psychic development notebook” by your bedside. Before you go to bed, write down a question and then immediately when you wake up the next morning — pick up your notebook and write the answers you receive. Give it about ten days and you will begin to be amazed by the results. Remember since you are trying to access information from a non-physical dimension into a physical one, the act of writing everything you receive or perceive will help the process!

Have you always felt you’ve had psychic abilities?

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