Empathy vs. Empath

Most people have empathy. With empathy, we can identify, respond to, understand and connect with the feelings of other’s on a highly personal level. We may see a change in a lover’s face or notice a coworker’s unusual mood indicating that something is wrong.

And if they are willing to talk, we can listen with a deep sense of understanding that often comes from the experience of having once “been in their shoes.” The ability to empathize is a real plus in life for ourselves and those around us, our psychics say.

Beyond empathy, there is being “an Empath” – the ability to actually feel the feelings, thoughts, pain, happiness and distress of others telepathically. It is an innate ability. A mother who feels her child is in danger, a twin who knows a sibling is in distress, or a spouse who feels a loved one is in pain… are all empathic experiences.

Professional caregivers are often drawn to their careers because of their sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others. “People who are Empaths are natural healers, because they often know what’s going on with the people they are trying to help,” our psychics tell.

“Many people are empathic without even realizing it. When they walk into a room and their energy merges with the energy of another person in the room, or even a pet, to the point that they become aware of their feelings inside their own body – that’s empathic,” they explain.

There are clear benefits to being an Empath in everyday life, whether or not someone is psychic. “If they are not judgmental of the information they receive from others, it can intensify their powers of communication and deepen relationships,” Yvonne ext. 9883 believes.

“Empaths can sense things about other people and situations that help avoid misunderstandings,” Maryanne ext. 9146 adds.

For instance, a person having an empathic experience may be in a situation where someone says one thing, and does another. They feel the other person’s truth inside their body. If they trust their instincts, they may end up making a better decision based on the feelings they pick up.

“Many of my clients have gut feelings about things and they’re right on target. When I read for them, I’m often just confirming what they felt from another person, before they had their reading,” TeriLynn ext. 9625 reports.

To deepen these skills, anyone can learn to trust instincts as they sense things about people or situations in everyday life, Maryanne suggests. “Allow your natural empathic abilities to be heard and felt. Don’t think, I can’t know or feel that!”

For Empaths, emotional detachment is the key to staying healthy. It’s important to separate personal feelings from the feelings of others and be able to shake them off, or shield one’s self from them completely. Otherwise, our psychics report, an Empath might go to a grocery store, visit someone at a hospital, or enter a church and get bombarded with the mood or the vibrations of the crowd.

Those who are always finding themselves getting sympathy pains, headaches or anxiety may be picking up symptoms from those around them, unknowingly, Tammy ext. 9380 points out. Invasive feelings can leave an undiscovered Empath with that “weight-of-the world-on-their-shoulders feeling,” Ciarra ext. 8624 describes. After any empathic experience, it’s important to clear one’s emotions, our psychics suggest.

Though the ability to understand what others are feeling is more common than being able to feel what other people are thinking, both skills are important in everyday life. Being an Empath allows them to think outside the box and to trust in an outside force. Having empathy contributes to the understanding of one’s self in the context of others.

Hopefully now you have an understanding of what empathy is and what an Empath does. In any case, learning to trust our instincts is generally the best course of action in leading a healthy, happy life.

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