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Is your inner rebel ready to rock ‘n’ roll? As the Sun transits through Aquarius from January 19 – February 18, 2009, you may find yourself ready to shake things up. With unconventional Uranus as its ruler, Aquarius is the boat-rocker of the zodiac, always wanting to change things for the better (or just for the heck of it). It’s also the activist who fights for a cause to improve humanity.

On a personal level, friendship is important to this social Air sign, which shines in group settings. What’s more, lucky Jupiter is also in Aquarius (throughout the year), which makes it the perfect time for getting together with friends and getting involved in your community.

So let’s take a closer look at the wild and wacky (and often brilliant) Aquarian.

Aquarius psyche
Aquarius, as the saying goes, follows the beat of a different drum. They are innovative, original and independent, with an affinity for weird (to the rest of us, anyway) people, places and occupations. Never one to go with the social flow, Aquarius doesn’t hesitate to buck the trend and become the trendsetter. They seem to have a sixth sense about where society is heading, and they usually head there one step ahead of everyone else.

However, their originality and rebelliousness can make them feel like outcasts. It’s not that they can’t follow the rules, it’s just that Aquarius becomes incensed by regulations that impede their rights – or the rights of others. Their need to demolish outmoded protocols can seem like anarchy to security-oriented folks, but without tearing down the old to make way for the new, we’d have no room for innovation. And Aquarius is all about innovation. It rules technology, after all. It’s up to the Water-bearer to propel the rest of us into the New Age.

The keyword for Aquarius is “I know.” They can have an intriguing mix of interests, both otherworldly and scientific. Their keen mind is highly logical and therefore adept at scientific principles. However, their curiosity for the unknown can lead them to study metaphysics as well. From astrology to quantum physics, anything that explains how the universe works will capture the attention of Aquarius.

Aquarius in love
The Water-bearer’s unconventional nature makes traditional relationships difficult, if not impossible. And they have a wild side they never completely outgrow. As such, they need a partner who respects their need for extreme independence. And one who accepts their strange (but fascinating!) cadre of friends, including ones of the opposite sex. Yes, of all the signs, Aquarius is the most likely to have completely platonic friendships, which means they need a partner whose jealousy isn’t easily aroused.

As a brainy Air sign, Aquarius can seem detached, even in intimate relationships. They can be insightful and deeply compassionate, but in a cerebral way. Sexually, Aquarius likes to experiment. They can get bored easily, however, both in and out of the bedroom, so if you’re in love with an Aquarius, keeping them intrigued will be your challenge. The best way to enthrall your Water-bearer is to share a mind-to-mind connection by bringing in new ideas, social connections, cultural activities and even sexual techniques. As long as their mind is turned on, they’ll be yours forever.

Aquarius at work
From avant-garde artist to astrophysicist, Aquarius works best in fields that use their creative brainpower. Science, technology, the arts and social work are good choices for most Aquarians. They excel as computer scientists, engineers, activists, psychotherapists, musicians, mathematicians, teachers, revolutionaries, writers, philosophers, historians or Peace Corps workers. Whatever they choose to do, Aquarians need to develop their intellect so they don’t just drift through life, flitting from one social encounter to another. When they find their true calling, their brilliance is unmatchable.

So during the time of Aquarius, have fun with friends, help someone in need and share your inner light with the world.

Cortney Litwin is the co-host of the Cosmic Sutra on KarmaSolRadio, an online talk show featuring astrology and dream interpretation.

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