‘Earth Magic’ and Animal Guides

Shamanic practitioner and Psychotherapist Dr. Steven Farmer, released his 7th book, Earth Magic. It’s focused on animal Spirit Guides.

Since I am a huge animal fan, I am very excited to share this philosophy with you! The notion of animal guides may confuse people, but their purpose seems very practical…and fascinating!

Since Shamans believe every person has an animal guide, it’s time to try to connect with yours! But how?

Well Dr. Farmer suggests that most animal guides are deceased relatives or loved ones who appear in animal form to guide and protect you. This theory of being protected by animal spirits is far from new, it dates back to our ancestors.

The animal that appears is usually untamed or wild, and nothing like your average domestic cat or dog. Why? Because wild animals have a much deeper connection to nature and Mother Earth. They typically take the form of a tiger, an elephant, a hummingbird, or even a snake. It’s usually some kind of animal form that is prevalent in your life, one you feel a strong connection to.

In the book Earth Magic, Dr. Farmer writes about becoming more aware of the fact that we are very intricately placed on this Earth. We have always been and always will be a guest on this beautiful planet that has so graciously made us feel at home. Using Shamanic wisdom and ancient spiritual practices, Dr. Farmer opens our eyes to how we all can become better listeners of Mother Nature, who speaks to us far often than we’re aware. Animal guides are a great reminder of our connection to the Earth and can teach us how to live more peacefully within nature.

Dr. Farmer says, “There are different ways you can find your power animal. It may come to you in meditation, vision, dream, or Shamanic journey. Another way is to pay attention to animals you feel strongly attached to. The animal may reveal itself to you repeatedly whether in physical form or a symbol of it and you feel a soul connection to that animal. Or you may ask the Great Spirit who your power animal is and notice which animals shows in your consciousness.”

For me, my strongest animal connection would have to be…drum roll please…chickens! But have my ancestor spirits and deceased relatives picked the chicken as their animal guide?! I have a feeling that would be a funny conversation. I won’t deny it, I’ve always had a thing for chickens…I suppose it’s a good thing I became a vegetarian!

Do you know who or what your animal guide is?

17 thoughts on “‘Earth Magic’ and Animal Guides

  1. jane

    my dream was a black panther or leopard,the animal was very loving towards me,and sat next to me like a cat would,i didnot feel any fear the animal would harm me,not sure what the dream means though

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  5. bee

    Now to some this is NOT WEIRD. I found two books in the trash on xmas day at CVS when i went in to get some CAPTN MORGAN.. LMAO.. i had always been interested in this. Sort of came to me i guess when i was born? Not to get into religion cuz it scares me. i do not have the wisdom to speak of much FACT. I have always heard from God although, “when one door is shut, another shall be opened,” so in sayin that, i feel this door was opened to me at a time in my life that i could try to understand.. COOL XMAS GIFT HUH?

  6. bee

    i read in THE CIRCLE WITHIN that if you seeen spiders REAL SPIDERS.. or dreamed of them most of the time you were a story teller..a sort of journal of things. coool huh

  7. Kristen

    My last reading my grandfather was present as my guide. He died before I was born but he stressed that he needed me to know he was always with me. A black panther was present as my animal guide. And very protective I was told.

  8. Lisa

    I thought an animal guide is a animal that you feel a connection to. I have seen 2 black panthers in my dreams and have always been really afraid of them, could they be my animal guides? The last dream I had I saw a black cat instead of the black panthers. I guess they knew how afraid I was of them and instead sent me a black cat who saved me from a snake in my dream. I really do not like cats but both the panthers and the cat are in the same family. I really wonder. Can someone help with their thoughts?

  9. bekka

    ~~~it seems mine is a Red Tail Hawk!!! When ever coming or going, when traveling into town, or coming back, if either i am in prayer, or have someone riding with me, when in a deep conversation, which usually is, the Hawk will apear the instant i speak of truth or fact either for spiritual growth, common sence, any of enlightenment, there he is!!! Making almost All conversations, thoughts & prayers acknoledged!!! I am surly in the right place!!!

  10. Darrell

    A few years ago, on a late evening while setting by my campfire – a wild fox came up to the fire.
    I could actually feed him beside me. This fox would return every night for his visit and free handout. [even followed me to the house on occassions. Then one night, a neighbor stopped by to visit,[while I was at my campfire]. The fox ran away,and I haven’t seen him since the invasion by
    my neighbor. He probably feels that I had betrayed
    the trust that he had placed in me. ????

  11. June

    My main totem animal is Snake. In my meditations, I often become one with Her. I see through her eyes as she takes me places. I live in the subtropics and have snakes at my feet, literally. Snake medicine is about transmutation of poisons, re-birth.

    I have many more totem animals that I speak with. Spider is another that is very prevalent! Both Snake and Spider are animals that I used to have a great fear of. Through meditations and real life exposure, I am no longer frozen in fear. I get startled by them, but I no longer run… screaming in the other direction.

  12. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said….
    For years now I have walked with my guide the bear, it is so interesting I found a tourquise bear laying on the ground, every where I looked there was a bear, again and again. As of last year I have had the Buffalo around, the hide and a skull was given to me, I love it, I have learned so much for them, they do teach me, we have many totems that will come into our life and walk beside us.
    Blessings, Hugs and Hearts….
    Jacqueline x9472

  13. Justine

    Hi Darcy!
    Thanks for your compliment 🙂 Wow, a camel is very interesting…they are such unique animals. Hope all is well!

  14. Abigail Ext 9570

    I just love this! My main guide is Native American he sends me animals on a regular basis. I will often be shown certain animals during readings to get information. I will have to get this book. My totem the is Cougar. In Italy the chicken is considered a protection animal. They warn with all their clucking in times of danger.
    I have Rooster water pictures from Italy in my kitchen. They symbolize protection and my chinesse zodiac symbol the Rooster.
    Many Blessings & Happy Holidays

  15. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Justine,
    My animal Guides are the Grizzly Bear and the Raven. In fact, my Wiccan name is RavenBear.
    Blessed Be )O(……Gina Rose ext.9500


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