3 Levels of Heaven

For 50 years as a Psychic Medium, I have been given the privilege of being able to communicate with spirits who have left their earthly bodies. Many of them have been your loved ones — and there is a really good chance that they’re exactly where they want to be.

While in deep meditation, I converse with the Angels about spiritual truth. One truth that has been conveyed to me is that it the shedding of the body is quite liberating and a pain free experience. Even though your deceased loved ones miss communication with you, they are nearby and also experiencing a new and beautiful place called The Heavens. For many years, I have written and kept journals on what it is like there. In every reading session, or meditation I have done, I have seen a most beautiful environment that has three levels.

There are three spiritual levels in all of us, I am told. And there is no doubt in my mind that there are three Heavens — I have seen them. The inner spiritual condition of a man or a woman determines which Heaven they will go to. Each level of heaven is perfectly suited to your loved ones needs.

From my perspective, the two most common Heavens (which appear to be at the outer edge of the core), are always earth-like, and also tailored to the specific spiritual needs of your loved one. I have seen earth, water, lakes and oceans waterfalls, green grass, flower gardens, winding paths, all types of trees, animals, birds, deep blue sky, and mountains here. Most of the people I bring through are on these first and second levels.

The third level of The Heavens is inhabited by Angels of all classes, Saints and guides who will no longer return to a body. There, I see streets of gold and Grand Halls, Crystalline temples, and rainbow cities encircled with bright rays of light.

Wherever your loved ones are, you can rest easy that they are experiencing a higher level of happiness than they could achieve on this plane. Our inner spiritual level does have an effect on our afterlife experience. Seek enlightenment.

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One thought on “3 Levels of Heaven

  1. T.M.

    I have a question about religions and their impact on your heaven destination. I grew up in a very strict christian home. The more education I receive, the less I believe any one particular religion is right. After all, what kind of selfish person could stand up and say “if you don’t believe in my religion, you will go to hell.” Everyone has a different background and upbringing, and should not be held accountable for not being brought up in the “right religion.” That does not make sense when you consider all the different religions around the globe. I almost think it is insanity for someone to say their religion is the “only true way.” However, this is how I was brought up.

    Furthermore, the more I study science and how advanced it is becoming, the less I am believing that there is a God that created us…well, at least in the way I was taught for all these years. I have not ruled the idea of a creator out, but who can say for certain. I think a lot of people feel they “need” to believe in a God because they think it fills a void or makes them feel special because they are unique and created?? A lot of religions are just a form of mind control and do not let their followers think for themselves.

    With this being said, how exactly do the “Heavens” play out? I am not trying to ask this as a loaded question, but with an open mind to other possibilities. I’m on the fence with many of my beliefs. However, since you are able to talk to spirits, do they distinguish about any of these questions that I have?

    For example, lets take a person who does not believe in a God at all, but has lived a very good life and is exceedingly kind to everyone who passes through their life, acting most unselfishly.
    In contrast, what about the person who does believe in God, but is not quite as kind and unselfish as the previous person.

    How is it determined what Heaven a person goes to? Does believing in God or not play a factor? And is there such thing as a hell?


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