Don’t Give Up Your Power

“I believe that we come into this life with certain blind spots — lessons that we have to learn. If we don’t, we keep repeating them,” says astrologer Phillip (ext. 9485), who specializes in removing the blockages that impede happiness and peace. “And it seems that a common lesson relates in some shape or form to neediness.”

This message absolutely applied to Katie (not her real name), a 53-year-old bank manager from Texas whose personal life was in shambles. She’d contacted Phillip because she wanted to turn things around.

Although she was successful at her job, she was exposed to daily pressure, plus she was having major problems with her boyfriend of 7 years. When Phillip tapped into their relationship, he saw another woman and a young boy.

Katie confirmed that indeed he was right. A couple of years back, her boyfriend had an affair with a woman whom he accidentally impregnated. The woman wasn’t a resident of the United States so he married her in order to be near the child. But he continued to live with Katie.

“There was a tremendous amount of drama going on and it was compounded by the fact that Katie couldn’t have children of her own,” recalls Phillip. “What I also got was that he did love Katie, but that he took her for granted. No matter what he did, she was always there.”

Her beau was now trying to get a divorce, but he also wanted custody of his son so he and Katie could raise him together. He was spending a lot of energy on this issue. And between dealing with lawyers and working, he had no time for the supposed love of his life. Katie, in the meantime, was spending a lot of energy worrying about the future, and was giving all her power away.

“I saw them staying together but it was contingent on Katie overcoming her neediness,” explains Phillip. “She had to start changing the playing field step by little step to move into her higher power and take care of herself.”

For the past seven years, Katie had lived for her boyfriend and that had to change. For instance, he’d tell her that he was going to be home at a certain time so she’d make dinner and he would arrive two hours late. She’d be upset and angry, but she wouldn’t do anything about it.

After speaking with Phillip several times, Katie began reigning in her energy and taking care of herself. “Her boyfriend was coming home to a dark house now. If he doesn’t show up around the time he specified, she eats and puts everything away, and well, too bad for him. She’s no longer catering to his every whim.”

As her vibration changed, Katie started making headway in her job. She was getting more accounts and then a former client from Colombia, whom she had done business with in the past, called the bank, asking for her. He wanted to make a huge transaction and had chosen her bank based solely on the fact that he’d enjoyed working with Katie. He was going to deposit millions of dollars which meant the bank stood to make a tremendous profit on it.

During one of their phone calls, she told Phillip “I like me.” And he got a chill down his back. “I asked her, ‘Did you realize what you just said?’ She would have never expressed this four months earlier. Back then she was operating out of neediness and she didn’t even realize that she had options. Now she was asking herself, ‘Does this relationship currently work for me?‘ And interestingly enough, her boyfriend is noticing that something is different. He’s waking up to what she’s worth.” Lesson learned!

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