How to Define and Find Your Spiritual Freedom

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All individuals define their ideas of freedom based on personal experiences, familial and national context, among so many other things. The exact definition in every case certainly depends on a number of factors, but for the sake of this exploration, we can define freedom as the power to determine action without confinement, restriction or restraint. This is true in the physical realm of life, but what about the spiritual realm? Is this definition still apt when considering spiritual freedom?

The liberty discussed here is that within Spirit—the freedom to genuinely love oneself unconditionally. We’re also talking about freedom to explore Spirit without judgment towards others for how they explore their personal walk through life. Each of us takes on a completely unique path, and not a single spiritual approach can be criticized, for the judgment you have towards others will likely be the same judgment you apply to yourself. Maybe not so consciously, but in subconscious ways this self-imposed restriction will rear its head.

Freedom is about relinquishing yourself from limiting beliefs of lack, egoic thoughts stemming from the shadow aspect, and anything that holds you back instead of propelling you forward. Freedom is about having the ability and courage to stop dwelling in a negative space, or getting caught in a perpetual cycle of negativity that disrupts the flow of insight from your higher self, blocking positive thoughts, actions, habits and, finally, outcomes.

Coming into awareness that you are a spiritual being—one with Creator/Spirit/God/Universe, or however you feel comfortable referring to the collective energy greater than us all—is important to experiencing the highest potential along your journey. Choosing a life of consciousness can offer you spiritual freedom each day because you are giving yourself the opportunity to be authentic through expression in wholeness and oneness with light. This is how the Universe intended for us all to be, and when you are able to live this way you are moving with the flow of all things, and not creating resistance for yourself.

Freedom is about challenging ourselves to stay open, flexible and balanced so we may function within uplifting thoughts and actions, instead of holding attachment to poor habits, patterns and negative ways of thinking.

Affirmations that resonate with you, daily prayer and meditation can do wonders in coming into spiritual freedom. It may sound simplistic, but these practices—done with a little discipline—truly usher in positive energy and outcomes that assist in manifesting not just a good life, but your best life. Mastering your mind and compulsive, negative thoughts opens the door to your being able to move about your experience of the world without hindrance or limitation.

Freedom is a choice. A choice in how we perceive circumstance and in how we lead our lives. Do we live in negativity and allow this to rule our world and perception of ourselves? Or, do we live a life of freedom by doing right by ourselves and by others? Albert Einstein famously articulated a great message that has been paraphrased many times over the years. The core meaning cannot be underestimated:

“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

This idea speaks to the repeating pattern of thinking, which enslaves us in old habits and ways of being. Freedom is releasing old ways of thinking and allowing yourself the chance to evolve beyond behaviors that have not worked for you in the past. The concept of “reality” in many ways is entirely subjective and created largely through your personal perspective of any given situation. Is it a hardship, or an opportunity to learn a lesson? Was getting fired from your job a simple stroke of bad luck and injustice towards you, or was it the Universe’s way of freeing up space in your life for a much more fitting professional opportunity to come into your life? Was that cyclical fight with a relative a stressful and irritating event, or might it have been another chance to shed light on the core triggers present in your relationship that have gone unaddressed over the years? A simple switch in perspective to find the hidden value of a given situation can many times open up an entire world of spiritual freedom waiting to be thoughtfully explored.

May you find personal and spiritual freedom this month and throughout your life. May you find liberation from the thoughts holding you back from living your highest and fullest potential.

3 thoughts on “How to Define and Find Your Spiritual Freedom

  1. Tony

    Thank you so much for this explanation. It has reconnected me to my purpose. Freedom is my life path and this has helped me understand and connect to what it means to be free. Clarity has landed upon my soul, thank you so much.

  2. Ricardo

    Thank you, I greatly needed to hear this as I go through a transition in mi life. I now have a better understanding of what spiritual freedom means. I feel a sense of guidence, the message is exactly what I’m going through.


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