Crystals and Sacred Geometry

Now that you’ve worked with crystals, you’re familiar with their power. But there’s more that these magical formations can do for you and your energy. By linking crystals (or crystal clusters) using highly conductive metals such as copper wire or tubing or silver and gold, you can increase the energy they generate. Add in the power inherent in sacred geometry and you can create meditation spaces, power spots for your altar and healing tools that will amaze you and everyone who experiences them!

Combining crystals
I created one of the most powerful healing tools I ever used by accident. For no particular reason (I thought) I bought two fist-sized crystals, an ordinary looking amethyst and a rose quartz, and started taking them along to my weekly healing group. Purely on inspiration, one evening I placed the rose quartz in the left hand and the amethyst in the right hand of a person we were working on and – voil·! I discovered the hardest working pair of healers I’ve ever worked with and everyone felt the difference in the circle immediately.

Crystals and Metals
Conductive metals can greatly amplify the cooperative resonances of your crystal combinations. The best chakra opening and alignment tool I ever used was a simple sterling silver chain that reached from the top of my head to the base of my spine. Vertically wired to the chain at each of the seven chakra points were seven 1″ double terminated crystals. Wow! The combination of energy flowing up and down my spine with the focused presence of a crystal at each chakra point burst open my blocks and lit up my energy field like a Christmas tree!

Crystals and Sacred Geometry
Sacred geometry has been used to create sacred art and sacred sites since prehistory. Megalithic circles, pyramids, mosques and cathedrals all use principles based in an elegant philosophy developed by ancient Greeks.

These high energy spaces are very easy to build and once you do so, you can activate and charge your drinking water, new crystals, divination tools and yourself in them. An important key is to be sure that your crystal layouts are geometrically precise. Two of the most powerful geometric forms are the true pyramid and the Star of David. In a true pyramid all edges are the same length. Don’t settle for substitutes — they don’t work! And the Star of David (classically recognized as symbolizing the balancing and integration of opposites), is a merkaba in its 3-dimensional form. A tiny series of matched crystals wired together in a geometrically accurate Star of David creates a mini vortex of energy with amazing properties. And the properties of pyramids are legendary.

What have crystals done for you?

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