Create Abundance for 2012

Create Your Own Safety and Plenty During 2012

How can we use the energy of the abundance promised on Thanksgiving Day to support us during the next year? Think about why Thanksgiving is on a Thursday… On a fundamental and spiritual level, Thursday is the “Day of the Prince’s Feast of Abundance” from his teachings and the seeds he planted. This idea carries across many cultures and is deeply related to the huge, energy-rich planet Jupiter.

In the devout religion of the Pilgrims, the Thursday after the Harvest was “the Feast of the Tabernacles,” based upon the Hebrew tradition that preceded and carried through to their Christian beliefs. To Christians, the “Last Supper” was on the Thursday before Easter, the resurrection, and Thursdays appear to be the date to start days of celebration and thanks throughout the year. The Feast of the Tabernacles continues to be celebrated by Jewish and Christian cultures after the Harvest each year.

This theme gets even richer when we look across cultures and realize that this sacred event occurs in a somewhat similar form. These events are all nature-based with the energies of Jupiter very much involved.

Eastern cultures support this view of Thursday and Jupiter’s realm. The Thai culture pays homage to teachers on Thursdays and tries to schedule the beginning of all major teaching ventures on Thursdays. In the ancient, yet very current, culture of India, Thursday is considered the day of the Guru/Teacher/Wise One, where we can honor the riches of what they have taught us.

The Western native cultures provided the actual original Thanksgiving feast, according to history. Since more and more links are being found in the mythology and religion across the Americas, it is probably safe to assume that the Wild Turkey, held sacred by the Mayans/Aztecs, was also sacred to the native god/goddess cultures across North America—so this bird should still be held sacred for the event—especially just before 2012!

When we express gratitude as we integrate all of these forms of Ancient Wisdom on the US and Canadian Thanksgiving Days, we can use this amazing power for our future with this perfect balance. We can worship the wisdom of the great cultures of India and Western Native Americans who revered our great Earth Mother, the provider of the Fruits of the Harvest.

When we balance these energies with those of our inspiring teacher/Prince – Jesus in the Christian culture, and Jupiter energies to Western Astrologers – we are working with the seeds of personal growth in Wisdom and our functioning lives. We call in the Great Prince of Peace who provides the seed, and the Goddess who provides the gift of reaping rewards for growth, and we face 2012 with confidence!

“Regarding 2012, I think that perhaps a portal will open and a new age will begin. For all who are connected to their spiritual side, it will be a wonderful time. For those who are not, nothing will change.” – Blythe ext. 5339

“Food is a wonderful healer. Thanksgiving is a celebration of sharing. Cooking and preparing food for or with one another is a great way to heal oneself by healing others. If you live far from you family or don’t have family consider hosting an “Orphan Thanksgiving”. You know other people who have no where to go or be that day. Invite them and welcome anyone they may know to join in. Make it a potluck to cut down on expense! You can do the same thing for Christmas!” – Chloe ext. 9421

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