Cleanse Your Spirit for Spring

Cleanse Your Spirit for Spring | California Psychics

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

This is a time when people like to focus on tending to their personal spaces. This year, switch gears a little and tend to your inner self as well. Here are some tips on how to make your home a space that fosters spiritual cleansing.

Cleanse Your Space

The practice of cleansing, or smudging, is the most common way to remove negative and stagnant energy from a space. For this technique, gather a bundle of cleansing herbs that can include any form of sage, thyme, rosemary, etc., light it, and briefly let it burn until embers begin to glow. Then by waving or blowing out the bundle, extinguish the flame. A steady stream of smoke will flow from the stick, and with a feather or your hand, fan the smoldering bundle as you walk throughout your home or workplace. It is believed that the molecules of the herbs attach to the negative energies in the air and transform them into a more harmonious energy. You can also add incense to the cleansing ceremony.

Aromatherapy spray is another excellent way to spiritually cleanse your space. Lavender has healing properties that can awaken stagnant energy in any room, while cedarwood can purify a space and help to ground your energy before meditation. Place a few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle, top it off with water, and most importantly, transform the water into sacred water by saying a blessing over it. As you walk through the home spraying the sacred water, silently focus on your intention of healing the home.

Enliven Your Senses

While spring cleaning usually involves decluttering your home, a spiritual spring cleaning may involve bringing items into your home too. Following a routine everyday can make life boring and dull our senses to the wonderful world around us. Bright plants, silky fabrics, luxurious lotions, energizing or tingling sounds, anything that will awaken your five senses. When you can see the world more clearly, your spirit is more open to beauty and love; you just have to clear the cobwebs off of your senses first.

Cleansing Sounds

Singing, tuning forks, singing bowls, bells, wind chimes, instruments, chanting, and even clapping generate sound waves which transform energy in a room. Sound vibration soothes negative energies and brings peace to an environment. Begin by creating sound at a slow, rhythmical pace while walking throughout the home or office, circling the perimeter of each room. Begin to increase your pace and the sound while feeling the increase in positive vibration in the room. You can do this before or after a big meeting or party, or when you are about to move in or out of a new apartment or house. Music makes a task like moving easier anyway.


Meditation can be a difficult practice for many people, but even five minutes of quiet can help to clear the air around you and put you in a calmer mindset. When your mind is calm, the day seems much easier to tackle. And meditation doesn’t have to be sitting alone doing nothing for a set number of minutes. Journaling, listening to your favorite music, or exercising can all be forms of meditation, as long as they help you focus, and calm your mind.


Crystals are used to absorb, repel, or redirect unbalanced energies in the environment. Tiny quartz crystal points can be placed in each corner of a room or in the four outermost corners of a house or workplace to provide continued clearing and protection. Additionally, you may opt to place a few larger quartz crystals near doors for grounding and protection or to act as a guardian of your home.


When you hold onto pain and regret, you essentially put roadblocks in your own way. Any pain that you feel from someone else’s actions doesn’t affect that person, as much as you might like it to. Rather than carry that pain and anger around, drop it like the dead weight that it is and move on. You’ll find your journey in life is much easier when you do. You must also do the same for yourself. Perhaps you’ve hurt someone you care about, and while your relationship has since been repaired, you can’t let go of the anger towards yourself. Or you’re disappointed in how you’ve performed in certain situations in the past, and that feeling haunts you when you attempt to do anything similar. In order to grow and become the person that you wish you could have been, you first have to forgive yourself. Once you do, all of those roadblocks will fall away.

Positive Affirmations

Nothing weighs the soul down like negative self-talk. Conversely, adding positive affirmations to your daily routine will help to clear away some of those negative cobwebs that have been building up inside your heart and mind over the years. This can be anything from positive note cards posted around your home that you can read while you’re preparing breakfast, a positive mantra that you recite as you get ready in the morning, or an affirmation deck that you keep by your bedside or on your desk at work. Positivity can be a difficult habit to create, but your soul will feel lighter the longer you go on with it.

Make Way for the Sun

The winter months can leave you feeling cold and grey, both inside and out, but with a little bit of dusting and polishing, you can reawaken your soul, and invite light, warmth, and love back into your home and your heart.

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  1. marin5113Psychic Marin x5113

    Barbara – This can be done by either cleaning the entire room in a counterclockwise direction- meaning you begin in one corner of the room, and as you move about, you are cleaning directionally in a counterclockwise pattern, for example; North-West-South-East. Or, this can be done by the motion in which you move your mop in a circular counterclockwise motion while cleaning.
    Hope this clarifies!

  2. Barbara

    When you say “move your mop in counterclockwise motions”, are say meaning to mop the room in a counterclockwise motion? Please clarify what you mean so that I can also do this in my home.

    Thanks and God Bless


  3. marin5113Marin x5113

    Thank you for the feedback Charles. That would make for a great follow-up article.
    There is enough cultural history on these methods and origins that I could fill pages.
    I do appreciate the suggestion and your interest… not just going through the motions in utilizing one of these techniques, but really understanding the history within these practices!

  4. charles

    Very interesting article, however it would be more interesting if we learned why and how they were started and by whom.
    thank you.

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    Wouldn’t want to use up your time on me. When there are far more in need than I. Thanks My Friends.


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