Cherished Gifts That Cost Nothing

You Don’t Need to Break the Bank to Show Love

You don’t need much money to express your love for family and friends with special holiday gifts. All you need is some time and thoughtful attention.


If you’ve enjoyed going to a play or concert with your loved one, you can create a personalized souvenir of your time together by framing the program book, ticket stubs, and/or photos of the two of you at the event.


Create a playlist of your shared favorite songs and burn them to a CD for your friends. Or create a list of your favorite holiday songs so that your friends can listen to your gift each year thereafter.


Write a letter or poem to your loved ones expressing how much you appreciate them. A handwritten letter on pretty stationery will be too precious to throw away. Or print your poem in an elegant font with a nice border suitable for framing.


If you aren’t confident in your own writing, consider putting together a slide-show or scrapbook of your favorite inspirational quotes and accompanying photos. Or print out just one quote that will be meaningful to the recipient and make a frame to display it in.


Gather recipes from everyone in your family and then collate them for a special family cookbook. Between the recipes, include pages with family photos and stories about the food. If there are children in your family, have them draw pictures of your family eating to print on the front and back covers of your cookbook.

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We’re not talking about expensive antiques here. We’re talking about passing along to your friends and family little items that you currently own that would bring them happiness. For example, one of my friends gave me a pin that she had worn on her wedding day.

Need Help?

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