Brush Off Negativity

When others are negative, it can rub off, stick to you, change your mood and even ruin your day. Yet there are times when our day forces us to deal with family members, coworkers and others in the world at large who fill the air space around us with their misery, fear and anger… leaving us drenched in feelings of negativity.

We asked our psychics, who get calls daily from people who have been dragged through issues rife with negativity, for advice on how to neutralize the counterproductive effects of bad energy. Here’s what they said.

“Bathing washes away the muck that sticks to you. Muck is a negative thought that attaches to everything especially dust,” explains Lucrecia ext. 9326, who has a plaque that says “What did I let in today?” as a reminder to keep bad energy from building up in her life.

A hot bath with Epson salts or sea salts helps release energy toxins from the body. TeriLynn ext. 9625 tells clients to enhance the purifying environment of a bath by setting up candles, burning sage and using music to induce a meditative state for emotional calm.

Smudging with sage or cedar is another good way of shooing uncomfortable depressing vibes away. You can smudge yourself as well as your home, office or even your car. (Find smudge sticks at metaphysical book stores or gift shops on Indian Reservations. Light the end, then blow out the flame, to get the required smoke for smudging.)

“If your energy is low because you’ve spent time around negative people, pass the sage over yourself slowly and breathe in deeply and calmly. You will notice the difference at once,” Snow ext. 9383 advises. “For a peaceful night’s sleep after a day tainted with negativity, break off a single leaf of sage and burn it carefully in a safe container.”

For another space cleansing option, “Peel an orange and put the peels in a bowl of water. Walk through your home and flick the water around the house, spending extra time where the energy seems heavier,” Jacqueline ext. 9472 prescribes.

When an area has been neutralized, all that is left to do is to fill it up with positive thoughts or prayers, or items from nature – particularly flowers, several of our psychics advise. You’ll know the cleansing worked because your space will feel lighter… more comfortable and safe.

Our psychics say that walks in fresh air, deep cleansing breaths, exercise, yoga and meditation, enveloping ourselves in white light – especially when done as a regular practice – can all send negative energy back to it’s rightful place in the universe, and serve to help us become less vulnerable to it.

Ariel ext. 9775 keeps her imaginary psychic umbrella ready at all times for just those situations. The umbrella fits over her body and sends bad vibes back to the sender with a boomerang effect, she describes.

Feel free to use any of these cleansing and protective measures, whenever you need a postive boost.

Does other people’s negativity get you down? Let a psychic guide you. Call 1.800.573.4830 or click here now.

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