From the Phone Lines…

Did you know that California Psychics Customer Service reps enjoy regular psychic readings? Almost makes you want to join our team! No one knows our psychics better than CS, so here are some top picks from our phone lines!

Phyllis likes Abrielle. “She doesn’t use any tools and I don’t have to say anything!”

If you’re looking for a psychic who is quick and to the point, look no further than Keith and Rachel, says Denise. “They gave me parallel readings, time lines and possible outcomes.” She recommends them for questions about destiny, your life path, clarity on career and sometimes even love!

Maybe your issues are a bit more deep rooted. If so, talk to Sophia, recommends Anthony. “Sophia is genuinely kind, helpful, knowledgeable and insightful. She can give you a Karmic cleansing or offer counseling.” 

Be on the lookout for MORE recommendations from our stellar Customer Service team! Or, talk to them yourself at 1-800-573-4784.

5 thoughts on “From the Phone Lines…

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500

    California Psychics has, bar none !!!!, THE BEST customer service team I have ever seen anywhere…in or outside of the Psychic field.
    And management is a joy to work with….they are helpful and really do care about their psychics, as well as delivering quality service to the client.
    I am VERY picky who I align my name with,I’ve dedicated 43 years of my life to the psychic field and am very proud of what I have accomplished in that time span.
    It is an HONOR to be affiliated with California Psychics…..and I plan to be with them for a long time to come.
    Here’s to you guys….salute!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(….Gina Rose ext.9500
    PS…and, I must say, the male customer service guys have such downright-sexy voices….

  2. Psychic Abigail

    The CS team is always upbeat professional and positive when ever I speak to any of them. Sherlock, Jen and Gabe are fun and so very helpful. Great job to all and thanks for all that you do.

  3. browneyes

    I would also like to thank the customer service representatives. They have always been very helpful and friendly. Not long ago I was having trouble connecting to one of the readers. The call wasnt coming through and then when it did finally connect I suddenly heard music instead of the reader. I contacted customer service with each problem I had that morning, which turned out to be several calls to CS that morning, lol. At the beginning of one of those calls, the rep said “(my name) this isnt you again is it?” and she laughed when I said also laughed and said “Yes it is”. She was very helpful and we had talked so much that morning trying to correct the problem I felt like I had made a new friend, lol.
    Thanks again for employing the friendly respectful people at your site. They always do their best to assist me in any problem I may have or in finding the right reader for me.

  4. Verbena

    I’ve been wanting for ages to send a thank-you note to Customer Service (especially noon to 6 Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday), because I KNOW that one of the reasons I do so well as a California Psychic is because of you!!!
    THANK for your support and enthusiasm and knowledge, and for your insight in directing people to me who are just right for the gifts and skills I have to offer!!!

  5. Pandafox

    I love the CS reps! They’re always so nice and fun to talk to when I need help. What i really like is how if my favorite psychic isnt on, they recommend someone else who turns out to be my new favorite!


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