Bring Fall Into Your Home

Fall is the season of change. Bring some of nature’s energy into your home to symbolize this natural change and welcome it into your life. As you may know, Feng Shui is the art of dynamic placement of objects in the home to affect your luck, energy and fortune. It is the art of placing important symbolic objects in specific places to change your life dynamic. Combining the best of what nature has to offer with the wisdom of Feng Shui is a powerful and practical way to make the most of this season.

The bedroom symbolizes love, love relationships and sexuality. It should be both a place of repose as well as a place to fan the flames of desire. Now that the weather is turning cooler, it’s time to luxuriate in your boudoir. To bring the wealth of fall’s transformative energies into your love life, select a variety of gourds from the farmer’s market. Choose them for their firm flesh and sensual forms, then make a pleasing arrangement on a table in your bedroom. Gourds symbolize fertility, fruition and sensuality; they will bring in fresh energy into this area of your life.

In this season of plenty it couldn’t be easier to bring in the energies of abundance and nourishment into your kitchen. Place an arrangement of Indian corn, red apples and nuts in a pretty ceramic bowl as an expression of gratitude for this rich season. This will refresh the energies in your kitchen making it more harmonious.

If you want to renew, recharge and revamp what’s coming into your life, the entrance to your home is of particular importance. Whether you enter your home through a hallway, a porch or a foyer, this area symbolizes what’s coming into your life. It’s important to always keep this area clean and uncluttered. To invite abundance and happiness into your life, place a plump pumpkin outside your door.

Your bathroom symbolizes how you purify and renew yourself. It’s important to always keep this area sparkling clean. To mitigate the influence of the toilet, always keep the lid down. To bring in autumn energies make a changing arrangement of fresh, scarlet and yellow leaves with acorns or chestnuts and place it on a counter. This will embody the life force of renewal in your life.

The dining room or the kitchen table symbolizes how you celebrate nurturance, how you nurture yourself and others and how you serve yourself and others. To increase abundance in this area of life, and to encourage pure, healing nourishment make a centerpiece of seasonal fruits, gourds, leaves and nuts. This will create harmony with autumn’s natural energies.

The living room or family room, depending on your home, is the symbolic center of your home life. It’s where you entertain guests, read and relax, or gather as a family after a long day. To refresh and restore the energy in this area of your life, bring in seasonal flowers like chrysanthemums, sunflowers, gerbera daisies, berried branches and miniature pumpkins.

If you work from your home, your office should be carefully tuned to increase prosperity. In this season, add signs of natural abundance by including fruit, gourds or nuts in your office. If you don’t have room for an arrangement, the placement of a single, polished acorn to symbolize growth and strength on your desk will work wonders.

It’s easy to bring the natural flow of energies even into the smallest apartment if you think about what each area symbolizes and your intention for that area of your life. Fall is a particularly good time to work with the pervasive natural energies, to re-examine our lives and to invite change.

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