How Bold are You?

Be Bolder!

Take risks! Stand your ground. Be confident in how you approach life and engage with others. All of these encouragements apply to living a bolder life, but how you go about achieving these goals realistically can depend on your personality. Read on for some life-emboldening and inspiring tips tailored to a few of the most common personality types.

The Introvert

It’s okay to prefer your own company to the company of others. You may even be the quiet one in your group of friends who prefers to listen rather than talk. But if you want to live a less meek life, you need to get comfortable with speaking up. Join conversations and clearly communicate your wants and opinions. You can be selective about engaging others as long as you communicate effectively when you do. Be firm in your convictions at home and at work and learn how to express yourself better through actions and words, especially if words are more challenging for you.

The Extrovert

You prefer the company of others and you’re a social butterfly, but that doesn’t make you more bold than an introvert. Perhaps you go along with the crowd rather than speak your mind. If that’s the case, you may be as self-conscious and meek as the introvert. You need to voice your thoughts, feelings and concerns, especially if they differ from those of your friends, family and co-workers. Even an extrovert can sharpen their communication skills.

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The Thinker

You spend a lot of time in your head, analyzing and thinking things through. You like a well-thought-out perspective, but the downside is you tend to over-analyze. Catch yourself when you re-run things over and over in your head. Learn to make peace with a situation and come to terms with the fact that no amount of thinking can equal positive action. There’s a time for thought and a time for action and you need to know the difference. Be bold, get out there and get active.

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The Feeler

You are very emotional, but that doesn’t help you make bold life choices. Emotions can be so overwhelming at times and can create self-doubt  and skew perspective. But you can use your feelings to be more bold. You can use emotions to create confident choices and positive interactions. Keep your intuition engaged. You can enjoy the richness that comes with strong feelings but don’t allow them to paralyze you or steer your in the wrong direction.

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3 thoughts on “How Bold are You?

  1. Psychic Glenna 5418

    These are great perspectives, Alina! Excellent information to change and expand. Thank you.

    Your article reminds me of the old metaphysical saying “Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid”.

  2. David

    I would like to share the fact I am all five of those characters. It all depends on the circumstances and with whom I am dealing with in life at the time. I am told I am to nice. Any advice. I am single and miserable. Please help if there is any to be had. Thanking you in advance.


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