Attract Love Using Rose Quartz

Manifest Loving Energy in Your Life to Find Your Soulmate

The soft clear pinkish-rose hue of rose quartz immediately suggests its association with love. It can be a wonderful tool if you are looking to attract more love in your life, maybe even your soulmate! However, it’s said that if you want to attract love, you have to love yourself first. Rose quartz can balance and open your heart chakra to help you love yourself. When you fill yourself up with loving, positive energy, since “like attracts like,” even more love will be bound to come your way.

When you work with rose quartz with this intention, you are focused on your own energy. Ethically, you don’t have to worry that you are imposing your will on another. As another benefit, the focus on balancing your own heart chakra can bring healing and a greater sense of peace in other areas of your life.

Try this meditation to open and balance your heart chakra. Get a piece of rose quartz. (It’s great to work with a rose quartz pendant, because you can wear the pendant later as a reminder that strengthens your intention.) You’ll want to cleanse the stone of any residual energy, and program it with your own intentions. This article has some great tips on cleansing and programming gemstones.

Find a quiet place to relax. Hold the rose quartz in your left hand, as the left hand is the receiving hand. (Interestingly, the left hand is also the hand we wear our engagement and wedding rings on—there are no accidents!) Get into a meditative state.

Visualize the loving energy that comes straight from Source surging through the rose quartz, up through your left arm and into your whole body. As your body is filled with this loving energy, bring the focus to your heart chakra. (You can then place the rose quartz over your heart center if you wish.)

Finish your meditation, thank Source, and ground yourself. As you go about your day, carry the piece of rose quartz with you, or wear your pendant as a reminder close to your heart.

Do this meditation as often as you like. (Since rose quartz is associated with Venus, it might be nice to try this each Friday, a day also associated with Venus and love!) Keep in mind that this meditative exercise is a reminder of what is already within you. To paraphrase Wayne Dyer, “You are love and you emanated from love.”

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6 thoughts on “Attract Love Using Rose Quartz

  1. misskrystal

    A lot of truth-at least for me. About 20 years ago, I purchased a rose quartz necklace, on a vacation….Within a month, I met the man, I later married…Someone told me to get one, and I wanted a relationship, so I truly did get one, and it was very fast…Now, I use it for other things, I like how I feel when I hold it, or put it on my desk, and even like to wear them, just for the softness and nice/easy feelings that I feel with it. Pink is also one of my favorite colors. Great article…It worked for me!!
    Miss Krystal

  2. alcyone7alcyone7

    Nice article on Rose Quartz! What an essential stone to have in one’s life…

    The picture is a bit misleading- it appears to be a photo of a clear quartz cluster that’s been photoshopped with a pink tint. Rose quartz doesn’t grow or look like that. There *are* some exceedingly rare elestial terminated Rose Quartz crystals, but those are usually very tiny (think one centimeter high) and have a rather different energetic “signature” unlike the common Rose Quartz (which grows in “veins” so is usually carved or tumbled into various shapes or beads) which most of us are probably familiar with. Some crystal folks have taken to calling the rare tiny elestial form of RQ “pink quartz” to differentiate it from RQ in it’s “massive” form since the energies are distinctly different.

    In addition to Rose Quartz’s effects on the Heart Chakra, it also rejuvenates the kidneys if worn daily in sufficient quantity, like a necklace of 8mm round beads (if wearing RQ daily it must be cleansed every 2-3 days). The kidneys are the “seat of power” in the body and that relates to the third Chakra as well. When Rose Quartz rejuvenates the kidneys, there can be a rather unmistakable diuretic effect leading to profuse urination. This is a normal effect that will pass so one shouldn’t be unduly alarmed if this happens. Some consider wearing Rose Quartz to be helpful with weight loss, though that may be the diuretic effect since mucho excess stored water in the body often gets released.

    I believe which hand is one’s “receptive hand” depends on whether one is right or left-handed. If right-handed, then energy flows in through the left hand and out the right. This is reversed if one is left-handed. The proper term should probably be “non-dominant hand” for the receptive hand.

    Great to see articles of this type posted here. I’d like to see a whole lot more of them… there are hundreds of significant stones available and many, many ways to use them!



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