Are They Lying or Are You Insecure?

When you’re not sure if they’re lying to you or maybe you’re just insecure, ask yourself some key questions and then trust your gut. Is the fear real?

When It’s Not Them, It’s You

How can we determine if our lover is a liar? For a start you can check out my earlier blog, “Learn the Body Language of Liars!”. You also need to get grounded and clear first in order to see the “real” picture. It’s not an easy topic to discuss with friends or family, as usually we don’t want to share our insecurities or our fears with just anyone, unless it’s in a very safe environment. My clients tell me it’s easiest to discuss it with me rather than anyone actually in their lives. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

There are situations where I cannot believe it’s taken so long for the person to realize that their mate is a liar, and somewhere it was totally out of fear, about old pain and loss and not wanting to be in the same situation again. Here is the big difference… proof! If it is always a recurring problem (like “my phone was turned off,” “He/She’s just a friend,” or “I fell asleep,”) and you feel as if the excuses are just too many, too often, then you probably have a case to investigate.

However, if you are just sitting there wondering if they are talking to others, if they don’t call on time once or twice, or if they are pulling back (which can be SO many different things) and your imagination tortures you with all the many possibilities without any real proof that there is, or has been, something sneaky going on… then I suggest you examine your own fear first.

F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is based on “what happened to you in the past” and not the facts of where you are today. Spend some time just looking at how you feel about yourself; are you happy with yourself? Are do you feel “less than” for some reason? If you don’t feel secure, you are not alone, most, if not all of us, do this to some degree. Keep the drama down by working on your self-esteem before you make any accusations.

If you think you may be insecure there are quizzes on the Internet that ask a lot of the questions to help you understand your fears or issues. Basically, if you believe that you “are less than” other people due to money, looks, or how smart you are, than this could just be about your perceptions, and the side effects they cause. It doesn’t matter what site you research or what form of help you seek out, just know that you can be happier and healthier with a good healthy sense of self esteem.

You deserve to be happy!

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