The Amazing and Brilliant Human Heart

The Amazing and Brilliant Human Heart

Your Human Heart

I have been a professional psychic longer than many of you now reading this have been alive. With such a gift (and responsibility) I have been given the honor of a very specialized vantage point into the lives of hundreds of my clients. In each reading, I join with someone who is seeking information and, usually, some form of comfort. Such an interaction allows the true human heart to be witnessed and experienced on a level that few face-to-face situations can duplicate.

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When we, as divine spirits experiencing a physical existence, endure the loss of love, such grief can close off the very essence of who we really are and darken that into which we are trying to evolve. In one moment we can go from being such a positive optimist who always sees the glass half full to a morose and broken human being who can’t see the glass at all! What we need to remember is: The glass is always full. It may be full of air or water, but it is always full, nonetheless. It is a matter of true perception. Here’s what heartbreak reveals about the human heart.

A Supernatural Prism 

Each time we experience a heartbreak or loss, we need to remember that we are part of an amazing supernatural prism. Each line, each smooth plane of crystalline glass, joins together with all the other angles to alter and bend the light into our own special translation. Each aspect of that prism translates the powerful reality of love, of the eternal light, in a way that is exclusive to our individual perspective and human heart. One is no better than another; it simply allows the light to be witnessed and experienced in a way that becomes uniquely beautiful! Each strike of the eternal experience causes the prism to become ever more radiant, ever sharper and more defined, and sends out beauty that would be otherwise unseen.

Vibrational Perception

Imagine how remarkably dull our senses would become if we never witnessed that first rainbow or that beam of light breaking through the storm clouds and shining down from the heavens onto that one perfect point of land. All throughout our daily lives we are continually reminded of how our vibrational perception translates every day and every moment of our amazing experiences. Do we recall a day and see how many things went right? Or, do we translate and focus on things that went wrong? Our answers matter to the human heart!

Every Aspect Has a Role to Play 

If it is true that we have to train our minds with almost twice as much effort in order to find the positive, then we have to remember the beauty of the prism. Not all angles will give the color we want to see, but every aspect of that prism has a very important role to play and the light would be infinitely duller without the nuances of each angle. Each one matters to the human heart.

Great Loss Leads to Great Joy

While I believe there is more room to love in a human heart that has been broken, that is very little comfort when someone is experiencing the initial loss and subsequent grief of lost love. This is where a really good psychic reading can make all the difference in the world. A good psychic can help you see the experience from another vantage point and a truly gifted psychic can help you understand what has happened, why it happened and how you can repair and prepare for a brighter future. It is only in experiencing great loss that you are able to know the true heights of great joy. It is the point of comparison that deepens our understanding of ourselves and the human heart.

You Are Already Beautiful

Never forget that you are already beautiful. You entered into your life experience that way and such light continues. We take it with us when we leave this life and we refine it and share it every day of our journey. What color of love will you reflect today? The power of that beauty belongs only to you. Part the clouds and let it shine!

Call me and arrange a reading and I can show you how to embrace the majesty that is your very human heart.

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9 thoughts on “The Amazing and Brilliant Human Heart

  1. Jesse 9027

    Bama Katz,
    I hope you read this! Your heart HAS been beaten. Every time we allow ANYONE to have this much power over us, we have surrendered the most important part of our human experience: free will!

    Now, you have enough free will to finally walk away, but it sounds like you are afraid of finding nothing on the other side of this relationship. Trust me, there is ALWAYS something in the human experience. It might not be exactly what we want, but if we allow ourselves to recognize the many types of love in this world (platonic, familial, romantic, etc.) we will find it everywhere!

    You have two choices: stay and continue to have nothing good and keep making all those sacrifices for no good reason OR start changing your financial and physical destination and LEAVE!

    Einstein said it best when he gave us the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You know what you have had. You know what the patterns of behavior are and you know where this is going. Do not expect an abuser to change. The dynamics of your relationship would not tolerate that kind of alteration…not without MASSIVE counseling and a real desire from BOTH of you…and I do not see that happening.

    In life we are always given three options: give up, give in or give it all you got! It is time to get out and get on with your life…and give it all ya got!


    I have been in a long term relationship for the past 40 years. The past 10 to 12 years have been more heartache than love. I have suffered mental and verbal abuse at the hand of the man I thought would always love and protect me forever. Now, there is only mental abuse going on and he doesn’t even think he’s doing anything to me. We have absolutely no intimacy at all. If I try to kiss or hug him he pulls back like I have some kind of disease that he might get. A couple of months back I tried to explain how I felt without blaming him with anything. I also told him that I would love to have a loving relationship with him like we use to have. He said he agreed and for about 2 – 3 weeks things seemed like they were going to be different.
    But now he is back to his old self, negative about everything, depressed and won’t allow me to touch him without pulling back. I’m at my wits end. He doesn’t think he needs counseling and says there is nothing wrong with him. He is on antidepressant and his doctor says that he should be fine, but it’s obvious he isn’t.
    I feel as tho my heart has been beaten and crushed into tiny pieces. The love I once felt for him has all but been killed by him and his non affection, attention and appreciation. I am at a cross roads and don’t know what to do, I’m not young anymore, if I were in my 20’s or 30’s I would pack up and move on but I’m in my late 50’s and really not sure where to go from here.
    I’m not even sure that I am fit to be loved again. I have been to counseling but things are looking bleak. We do have children and they are all out of school, we still have one living at home and I really don’t want to cause any unstableness for them. I would like your suggestions as how to mend my heart.

  3. PR

    Loss of love is a hard thing to cope with. I liked the line where you state that you were beautiful when you entered the experience. That doesn’t change, you are still the same person when you come out of it, even if your heart is broken. That is my point, it is your heart that is broken, not you.
    Love reading these, they can be uplifting when you need them the most.

  4. Anna Maria Cutonilli

    Will I ever find true love with a man that is honest caring respectful, romantic, thoughtful and really cares about me? My heart has been broken many times and sometimes I am afraid to love again but have not a man yet?

  5. Katie Anne Quigley

    I have a big heart but it seems to break often and easily, is there a certain reason for this and does me being a sun sign in Libra make any change or difference? I have dark blue eyes and I’m tall, wear reading glasses at only 26 years old. I’ve felt a drastic personality change and energy change started when I was 16 I think, sometimes I feel odd and very sad like I lost part of self, please have any advice? I have no money until the second of each month!

  6. kathleen

    thank you for letting me telling about my broken heart I was married for 20 years now he has girlfriend for 3 years she’s no good for him I’ve met her he has lost all his money and has nothing left and he had a lot of it I want him back so bad love him so much she’s mistearts him hits him and he can’t see it he’s 51 she’s 29 and nuts in the head really but he say’s he hast to save he also says hes love her thank you

  7. Margie

    I just want to know if you se a partner for me in the remainder of
    my life. My husband Dick passed Easter 2012. I am lonely and am wondering?

  8. Fran Perry

    Jesse….I am full of ESP like you are…and you hit the nail on the Head believe me with how I am on the inside…that is why…I have the e-mail charvi_beautiful…Charvi…means beautiful…I am 73 years old…but, I look between 28 to 34…and even if I am in a wheelchair because of an accident on the job…I only take one Thyroid pill a day…and have unique healing powers from God…believe me and I wrote a poem…and in that poem…I stated…Love is my Religion…you did well when you picked that point up…you are a very sensitive person to others as I am….that is Godly take my word…and in my astrological chart I have the sun-sign, Gemini-Cancer June 18th…and my rising sign is Libra-Scorpio…with the antenneas , mercury and venus conjunct in the 9th house of the higher mind along with that sun-sign on the cusp of the 8th and 9th house and they are in the sign of Cancer…which is ruled by the moon…which means mother…so, they consider me a universal mom…I help and comfort a lot of people and I have the same rising sign as the great leader of India….Gandhi….who always put others first and him last….we both have Libra-Scorpio…and that decant of Libra…we love others so much…we hate to see anyone hurt anyone…and he was already a Libra born on Oct 2nd…so, again…you did very well knowing what kind of a heart that I have…I am into the “WE GENERATION”…and people born on the number 9 day….we don’t usually get the one we love the most…we always have obstacles to it….and again..I appreciate the fact you knew…but, I have Mars in, Pisces, which makes me give the shirt off of my back for others….and sometime I get lonely…but, I bury myself in prayer and meditating…with the word of God…which is in all of all hearts I can see it in your heart…now, I don’t go along with horoscopes….but, can read a chart even without the hour that someone is born…and can tell you all about the person period…you will be blessed and that the doors are going to open up so wide for you starting in, May, you will never be the same…you will move from where you are right now…and be so happy in love with someone…that you have known for years….good luck…in all that you do…and I can do your “Pressure Points” since I know all about the body…and I will do you it takes me 3 minutes…and then you will get really hot for 5 hours….and the migraine headaches will leave you for good…and the stress and the anxieties will go away…and you will feel on top of the world….so, again…thanks for the positive info…but, I used to do readings for people…but, I never charged them…it was from my heart…so, again…go to Facebook…and look at my picture…Evangelist, Fran Perry….I treat the ESP world as a gift from God…believe me….


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