A Ritual For Starting Fresh

Starting fresh! Just saying the words makes you feel a little lighter. But how to actually do it? Here are a few tips for shaking out the lint from your life (and energy) to start fresh.

First, take a day off work. That’s right. Take a vacation day. You are going on a trip – for one day. You are going on a trip to your old energy and will come back to your new energy.

The night before, go to bed early in a bed with fresh sheets. Sleep just until the sun rises. It’s a new day, the first new day of the rest of your new energy. Wake up, out of bed and ask the universe to show you what must drop away to realign your energy. Ask that it be clear and shine out to you so that you do not miss anything that must be shed. If you are able, take a walk for 10 minutes to get your heart going, so you are fully awake.

When you get back, see your living area with new eyes, and start packing things up. And, turn off your phone – you have work to do!

Clothes you haven’t worn – out! DVDs you never watch – out! Magazines, old mail, whatever is in the corner of your closet – these are all objects that attract other objects. Every thing around you has energy – it is energy because it is matter. By surrounding yourself with objects that have ceased their usefulness to you, you are slowing your own energy. Objects in motion stay in motion. Move stuff around.

You are your environment. You are what is around you. You are connected to everything and it is connected to you. To start fresh, freshen your environment. Buy flowers, clean the windows, move the energy around you and your energy will shine out. Change is good. Change is growth. Change is the constant state of all living things.

As you move things around, just keep going. Try not to think of what you can’t accomplish in one day, but rather what you have just completed. When lunchtime comes, quit cleaning. Eat a light lunch. It’s time to go shopping.

Buy one single thing to mark today – something small and beautiful that you can take with you tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be a postcard, as long as you find it visually appealing, it will do just fine.

Touch the water. A nearby river, lake, or any body of water is suggested. Water is the symbol of rebirth and growth. It is one substance that embodies energy’s flow and power. Even an indoor pool or bath can inspire. Touch this water with your hand. It is your baptism. It is the end of your old energy and the start of the new. Water heals in any form. Water takes energy and sends it back to you.

You have worked on your home, you have found a symbol of today and you have cleaned your energy by touching water with intention and hope. Go get a massage – you deserve it! Our bodies store our energy in our muscles. When we are touched, that energy is released. The more our body relaxes, the more new, fresh energy can enter.

At the end of your trip, you have lost what you did not need and you have gained so much. With a clutter-fee home and a relaxed body, you are ready to face the world. When you go back to work, everyone will notice the change in you. And when pressures rise, touch that little object. Remember the water, remember you have started anew.

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