6 Ways to Radiate Positive Energy

Radiate Positive Energy in 2014

Radiating positive energy is not something that comes easily to everyone. Many people falsely believe that in order to have positive energy, something positive must occur. However, you can radiate positive energy whether something good happens to you or not. And you should do it because it’s good for you and the people around you! Here are six ways to radiate positive energy.

Smile at a Stranger

We’re all so attached to our electronic devices that the world simply passes us by. We miss opportunities for connecting with others, but connecting feels good. It makes us feel less lonely. When you’re out and about, practice smiling at others and establish eye contact as you walk by. It will make you feel more connected to the people around you and it will brighten someone else’s day. Who knows, you may even get a smile back!

Reach out to Someone in Need

When we first think of someone in need, thoughts of homeless and sick people come to mind. While it is a beautiful thing to help those who need it most, someone close to you might need you too. Maybe there is a child who doesn’t get enough attention at home. Or perhaps you have an elderly relative or neighbor who needs someone with a caring heart to listen. When you reach out to someone in need, you make the world a better place.

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Stay Positive and Practice Forgiveness

So what about those people who are hurtful and rub you the wrong way? It doesn’t matter if it is intentional or unintentional—it still hurts! But if you want to radiate positive energy, you need to practice the art of forgiveness. Other people make mistakes, but so do you. And if you can learn to free yourself from some of that negative energy, you can offer people second chances. Some people may even change their ways and try to improve if they experience your genuine kindness and forgiveness.

Forgiving others will also allow you to live healthfully. It will also keep you moving through life glowing with positivity. In the long run, it is just as healthy for you to forgive as it is to be forgiven.

Share Stories of Inspiration

You probably have a few stories about some life challenges you faced and eventually overcame. That’s inspirational and sharing these stories can help others. So many of us go through similar things, but at the time, we feel like we are alone in our experiences. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you talk about hard times and share your experiences, you’re offering hope and motivation. You’re creating positive energy that can help move someone forward.

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Love Unconditionally

Unconditional love is precious and hard to come by. When you love someone in spite of their shortcomings, you are loving positively and wholeheartedly. This creates a great deal of positive energy and good vibes on a regular basis. We all want to be loved unconditionally.

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Offer a Friendly Hug

Hugs go a long way! They spread love, caring and positive energy, whether they are accompanied by words or not. Hugs are a genuine source of comfort when someone you care for has had a bad day and hugs can make someone feel less alone when they are suffering. Hugs pass positive energy from one person to another and make a person feel loved.

27 thoughts on “6 Ways to Radiate Positive Energy

  1. Bill

    I read the articles almost daily and it inspires me to help others who are less fortunate then my self, wheather its a ride to a medical appt. or a shopping trip or just words of encouragement, its all good. Thank you

  2. Christine

    I have been marriedfor four and hlf years my husband is a very loving man I was married befor and two boyit turnedout to be aver disaterous marrage he was an air traffic contrroller and holds my young men know from seeing m we bothraied them but when thyreach acertain age they said tey felt force to see me and they nevercame back i am so devastated by tisbecause there father has been so abusive to them his ife whom he left me for never did anything i did some dtective work nd foud out that he hasnt worked in the past 6 months I phoned one of our old fiend whomi avnt hear from in years nd he told me he is very difficult to work with and he thought he wa planning an early retierment right away alarm ells went of in my head my ex i a work aholic and is onl 53 and i greedy I imeeditly phoned the phyciatric unitit and he had just bee relaesed his birth day is jul111960 helive myarea do yo sese he is stalking me or wants to brig ham to meand my current usband beuse i do collect some of his pension ad i knowhe ecentsthat

  3. shikha sharma

    i liked your tips and most of them i have already followed in my life and although still struggling content and happy in my life-although desiring more but not impatient-give some more tips like these

  4. rosecoccarr

    I do smile at people everyday I like to see people happy they don’t even look back at you..hugs if you have them near you. I love to help anybody that needs my help if I can..i do love someone and always will ..

  5. Debster

    Great article, guys! I love getting your article links in email, it is an extremely welcome respite from news and it never fails to teach me something and put a positive spin in my day. Thanks again for another great tip for living well.

  6. cathy

    Hi beverly my name is cathy,and i just wanted to tell you i read your article cause my life right now is well fell like im going to have a nervouse breakdown honestly, i do try to do everything that you mention about smleing at strangers,giving hugs to peoplr who need them. But im in very strong need of this also and unfortnately no one can do that for me sad to say .. i might be homeless soon . but your article made me smile so god bless you and keep writing cause
    you did touch my heart. know matter what most people just dont care.like we do with our hearts bye

  7. Gwen Kitzerow

    Just, in Dec, lost my soulmate of 18 years. Were never married, just a widowed couple being there for one another., sharing a TX home (Winrtering) for any f those 18 years.
    Now, thinking I’ve never been named in his will, but verbaly promised the TX home, what are my chances of getting it? I never was, or am, a “Gold Digger”,but we did love each other. I cared for him through many sugeries & illnesses & his 5 chuildren seemed to accept me full-heartedly all those years. Any advice, here?

  8. Cindy Carpenter

    I truly believe every word that I just read. Life is just to short to go through feeling bad and alone. When you touch some one you are not only touching them, but you truly are connecting with yourself. As we all know we should treat the people in our lives as we would want to be treated. As the saying goes What goes around comes around and with that said it’s called Karma. Please everyone, start loving yourself.

  9. Marc from the UK

    Great article and encouraging to know that I am doing the right things! We could also relate this article to negativity in that we can attract that if we wish. We choose how we feel. 🙂

  10. chloePsychic Chloe

    Wonderful article Natasha!

    These are all great suggestions. I believe that like attracts like. When we are negative we tend to attract negativity. When we are positive we tend to attract positivity.

    I also love the suggestion of hugs! I’ve read studies that suggestion that physical contact is linked to happiness.

    You’d be surprised what a difference you can make, and how much better you’ll feel, when you greet someone with a friendly hug!

    Thank You Natasha.

    Love & Light!

    Psychic Chloe [ext. 9421]

  11. rebecca jane blough

    you keep contacting me and sending me pisece horasopes I am not pisesces I m an aquarious my birthdayisfeb 7th 199

  12. Armetta Luella White

    What has been said here is so true.
    As we go along in the world we need to be healers, and not contribute to problems.
    Positive energy, and positive thinking does work.

  13. Derek Stephen McPhail


    a big digital friendly hug for your excellent list of “6 Ways to Radiate Positive Energy”!

    now, there is practical advice on how to make the world a better place.

    all the best to you & yours in 2014.

    happy trails,

  14. Estaifan Aboona

    I like these explaning, because we live together but with several opinions, so that we need to know how to deal with others .
    warm regards

  15. Sheila

    Thank you for the 6 ways to radiate positive energy! I do them daily, and intend increasing their frequency. I really love the picture that accompanies the message – I can see it being an inspirational poster hanging here in my home! Enjoy each second of your day!


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