5 Ways to Get Unstuck

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, digging a hole deeper and deeper, because you’re stuck in a rut? Perhaps life’s demands or disappointments have led you into exhaustion, void of any energy… you try to move, but it’s like you’re wading through drying cement. Whatever is causing it, you’re blocked. Have no fear – when “stuck” happens, hope is just around the corner.

Become one
The Japanese have a concept called “Wabi Sabi,” or the art of imperfection. Being stuck is part of the process of life – it’s normal. The first thing you need to do is acknowledge that you’re stuck, and accept it. It’s important to accept this state without judgment, so whatever is holding you back can lose its power and slowly dissolve. Learn to stay present with the feeling. Take a deep, slow breath – and stop pulling your hair. Getting unstuck begins with awareness.

Ask yourself: “What is really going on?” If you’re just momentarily stuck, go back through your day and get in touch with the incident that upset you. The important question isn’t, “why am I stuck?” because getting stuck is a part of the human condition. Instead it’s, “What is keeping me stuck?”

Shake, shake, shake
If you’re in a rut, you have energy that needs to move. Shaking things up a bit will help you get some movement into all that stale energy that’s holding up your happiness. So, consciously try to do something outside of “your own box” every day. If you usually drive to your nearby grocery store, ride your bike there instead. If you always go to the same place for lunch, walk or drive a little farther and try another eatery. If you always talk to the same psychic, call another one for a change. Remember: the object in motion tends to stay in motion… and even gain momentum.

Clean up
If you feel cluttered or trapped on the inside, it may be time to do some cleaning on the outside. “Remove items from your home, your drawers, your files… that no longer serve you – and streamline the rest,” says Kerul Kassel, author of Stop Procrastinating Now. Moving energy this way, is in effect a way to “Feng Shui” yourself to fluidity!

While you’re at it, ask yourself if you have limiting beliefs that you can get rid of too. Rethink those worn-out ideas that may be keeping you in that rut. Do you really believe you need to be thin to join a gym… rich to treat yourself to a new wardrobe… or ten years younger to find a new love? Meditate on the possibilities that can shift your mental energy.

“One of the best ways of getting unstuck is to connect with the energy of your desired outcome,” says Terri Levine, renowned life coach and the author of Magnetizing: The Guidebook To Achieving Financial, Emotional, and Spiritual Abundance. You may want a new career, a satisfying relationship, or a consistent exercise program, but you can’t seem to get moving toward your goal. She recommends asking yourself what energetic qualities your goal represents. A new career may represent creativity, or making a difference in the lives of others. An exercise program may represent self-nurturing. Tune in to the single word or short phrase that best describes the energy of your goal.

Now think of ways to create that energy in your life today. If your hope for career represents creativity, do a little redecorating, or a simple art project. If an exercise program represents self-nurture, get a massage. “By creating the energy of your goal right now, you are actually bringing yourself into vibrational resonance with what you want for yourself,” explains Levine. Rather than focusing on the goal itself, find ways to capture its energetic qualities in ways that are comfortable for you. You will find that within a week or so the goal itself suddenly becomes more attainable, and taking steps forward becomes easier. Good luck!

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