Destress With Lodestones

Get Centered Again Using Gemstones

In our busy lives, we can start to think it’s normal to feel continually stressed. But much documentation indicates that stress can lead to serious physical and mental illness, so it’s of utmost importance to learn to manage our stress levels for a higher quality of life. Using lodestones is a simple method to reduce stress.

Lodestones are a naturally magnetized type of gemstone (also known as magnetite, or volcanic rocks). Handling lodestones makes you relax into their grounding, supportive energy as stress melts away. Many people use two lodestones at once—when you roll or swish the stones together you can benefit from the gentle magnetic energy as they are drawn toward each other. The practice of swiveling them together makes them kinesthetically appealing too.

Like any other gemstone or crystal, it’s best to ensure they are cleansed of old energy before each use. You can cleanse stones by connecting with a higher power and setting the intention that the method you use (wafting incense over the stone, chanting, etc.) will clear away old energy.

Try any of the below tips to release stress and start fresh!

Lodestone Tips to Heal Stress

1. Simply swivel a set in your hand at work, during a stressful phone call, before an exam, or during any other situation when you feel stress and pressure closing in.

2. Try holding one lodestone in each hand. People who are familiar with Reiki or pranic energy can feel lodestones activate healing energy in their hands. (It’s OK if you have difficulty sensing the energy in your hands; you can start to feel it with patience and practice.) Then visualize yourself absorbing the healing energy up through your hands into your body.

Alternately, put the stones down once your hands are activated. Then sweep your hands over your body, with the intention to sweep away all stress into a place where it can do no harm.

3. Meditate with one small lodestone in each hand. Another technique is to meditate while one hand holds two small stones and swishes them around each other. (Sometimes doing a repetitive movement can help your mind let go and enter a more relaxed and focused state.)

4. Because of their magnetic quality, they are associated with attracting your intentions toward you. While you handle them, intend to attract calm and peace in place of stress or anxiety.

5. Lodestones can pull out and clear negativity from the chakras. Recline and relax, and line up the lodestone on a chakra point. When you feel a sense of clearing, remove it and move it up to the next chakra.

Ultimately, some days will bring more stress than others. Some days you’ll make mistakes, or face situations beyond your control. Nobody is perfect. However, making a concerted effort to release stress, worry, and anxiety as they come up will only benefit your life and health now, and down the line as well.

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6 thoughts on “Destress With Lodestones

  1. Jacqueline

    What an interesting article, I love, love rocks, stones the history that they share as well as teach us, how-ever I don’t own a lodestone but now certainly will have to get one.
    Great information Erica thank you!
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Erica,

    I just LOVE your articles !!!!!

    Very interesting…… your articles offer really unusual gem/rock info.

    I don’t own a lodestone……sounds fascinating to a rock hound like myself anyway.

    hmmm……however ,I do own rocks, gems, from Mt St Helens National Volcano……don’t think these are the same thing though. These are volcanic glass, polished and faceted.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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