5 Things You Do That Encourage Others to Disrespect You

Get the Respect You Deserve

If you find yourself feeling unappreciated and even belittled by those around you, your first instinct may be to point the finger at them. After all, their not-so-nice words and actions hurt—shouldn’t they know better than to treat others the way they do?

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However, you may, completely innocently, be encouraging others to disregard you without even realizing it. If you take a moment to think about your daily interactions with those around you, you may discover that you’re actually the key to gaining the respect you deserve. Here are five behaviors you may be engaging in that lead to disrespect.

1. You Allow Others to Walk All Over You
When people take advantage of you, and you let them, you send a strong message that you don’t believe that you are worthy of other people’s respect. Whether you give in to pressure from a coworker, a lover or even your mother-in-law to do something that just doesn’t sit right with you, you not only compromise your own integrity, you also send a clear message that you’re easily manipulated.

2. You Always Put Their Needs Before Your Own
While it’s great to think of others, especially those you love, you shouldn’t put other people first when doing so becomes detrimental to your well-being. Even little habits like always letting your friends decide where to go for happy hour—no matter if that means you have to travel across town—or constantly allowing your mother to dictate your family’s get-togethers—especially when you have limited free time—can compromise the degree to which others regard you. Doing nice things for others is one thing, but constantly sacrificing your time and happiness for others will only make you miserable and less worthy of admiration in other people’s eyes.

3. You Put Yourself Down in Front of Others
You set the tone for how others perceive you. If you’re constantly putting yourself down—talking negatively about your intelligence, body, career, love life and so on—you unknowingly encourage other people to see you the way you do, which is not in a very good light. Other people won’t respect you if you don’t have anything nice to say about yourself.

4. You Never Stand Up for Yourself
Allowing yourself to be a punching bag for other people puts you on the fast-track to being disrespected. When others disregard your feelings and you don’t correct them or make a case for yourself, you show other people that you don’t think you are worth fighting for. And why would people show you respect if you don’t believe you truly deserve it?

5. You Surround Yourself With Toxic People
Sometimes, it’s not just your actions toward others and the way you treat yourself that cause other people to disrespect you. It could also be that you surround yourself with toxic people. Users, abusers and other emotional vampires can quite literally suck the life right out of you, causing your self-respect and confidence to plummet. By spending time with people who don’t give you the regard you deserve, you leave little room for people who would respect you.

18 thoughts on “5 Things You Do That Encourage Others to Disrespect You

  1. Kimi Murphy

    Kimi yes I let people come into my life they like to use me. I am such a good person he see me when he want too not any more. The last time he say me 8 days ago and have to Hurd from him until today did not respond I deserve respect.

  2. Valerie Armstrong

    I’m always being disrespected all of the time and letting others walk all over me I do need to stand up for myself

  3. Francisco Ashley

    It’s all so true the five things above really hit home for me I need to read these five things Evey day so I can take the correct step to change for my will being, and my first step is going to stop pointing the finger everywhere else and start pointing at me first .

  4. Kelley

    Thank you. I agree I’m personally taking time out to re center my self and evaluate who I let in my life and closely watching where others minds are at these days.

  5. Unknpwn

    I had always been the one that others looked to for direction in their lives and I gave them all the support possible. Always had high self-esteem and confidence and never put myself down. When something did happen to me, my husband didn’t stand up for me, he stood up for the ‘female thing’ that did this to me, I fought back. Should have trusted my instincts right there. Shortly afterwards I was diagnosed with PTSD over that ‘situation’, during a session with a therapist, trying to save a 35 year marriage. That’s when he started being disrespectful, calling me names and putting me down constantly. Gave him one too many chances to disregard/disrespect my personal boundaries. That’s over, now stand up for myself, he gets defensive and starts throwing things. Will now love myself with the love I gave other after asking them if they want it.

  6. Cieara

    Wow, this article is amazing it makes you wonder! That doing the right thing or what you thought was right was just a different way for people to view you in a negative way without really knowing. This really hit home for me.

  7. Marie Aufiero

    Great advice. We should take the time to look at our selves and see what. Part we played in the situation to get the results we get.

  8. Marie N

    Indeed, there is a thin line between being nice, and being assertive, but being assertive will get you respected over being nice any day.

  9. Justina

    Seems like you have summed up my being in a nutshell! I am a Virgo, insecure, negative, and always put everyone’s needs before my own and it is doing nothing prosperous for me. Your article clarified so much! Thank you 🙂

  10. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    And yet another great article written by Natasha…..great points ! Especially the last tip…#5.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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