5 Essential Meditation CDs

Meditation may be a mysterious, even mystic process – but it’s not difficult. Traditional doctors recommend meditation for stress relief or insomnia. Alternative health practitioners rave about it for everything from weight control to career advancement. The truth is, guided meditation is a soothing, restorative process. It puts you in touch with your inner resources.

Meditation may create receptiveness to your spirit guides, or show the way to special wisdom. Some believe you can attract wealth, enhance spiritual growth, and balance karma by practicing this ancient art. You can begin by listening to guided meditation recordings. Here are five can’t-miss examples. I use them all:

1. Overcoming Obstacles: A Self-Hypnosis Journey for Unlocking Creativity, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem by C Ht Melissa Rose – Rose is a certified hypnotherapist with an amazingly soothing voice. Her message is applicable to every aspect of life – if you develop your sense of self-worth, you will overcome anything standing in your path to improvement. Peaceful, calm imagery. About 45 minutes.

2. Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace by Susie Mantell – This is a half-hour journey that allows you to choose whether to fall asleep after Mantell guides your thoughts to peaceful relaxation, or to wake up peppy and raring to go.

3. A Guided Meditation for Relaxation, Well Being and Healing by Glenn Harrold – Some find a male voice more soothing and perhaps more commanding. Harrold’s pleasant Australian accent adds to the experience. He speaks of positive images and may imprint you with a new outlook.

4. Guided Meditations for Busy People by Bodhipaksa – He’s a well-known, world famous meditation expert and this CD is a great one for beginners. His voice is slow and hypnotic. The meditations are very short – one to three minutes. If you’re wary of letting go for a half hour, start small and work your way up.

5. Happy Birthday: Celebrating Your Life Guided Meditation by Jeanie Marshall – Joyful, light-hearted and fun, the recording is a pleasure to hear. You may awaken a sense of your golden self when you finish. This is one to listen to every day if you can.

What are your favorite guided meditation recordings – or techniques?

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4 thoughts on “5 Essential Meditation CDs

  1. Margaret Rivard

    Where do I find to purchase CD Happy Birthday Celebrateing Your Lfe Guilded Meditations. thanks for letting me know

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  3. Jacqueline

    Hi Taryn,
    Valuable information, I love meditation music, I really haven’t found many meditation recordings that I haven’t liked.

    One thing that I have found with meditation music, is that it changes energies in your home, within yourself, it brings peace within as well as around you, it also raises your vibration in order to allow your intuitive abilities to come through.

    Feeling down, turn on Mediation music and feel the change….

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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