30 Ways to Enjoy the Single Life

Single and Loving It!

Ever since I was 15 years old, I always had a boyfriend. After four consecutive long-term relationships, I committed myself to the single life for a year! In that year, I decided to date – but not to get into a serious relationship because this was going to be my “party period” and my time to do whatever I wanted to fully enjoy the single life.

Now that I’m in a serious commitment with someone whom I plan to marry, I’m glad that I can look back on my single time with satisfaction and a smile. Here are 30 ideas for you to enjoy your single life as much as I relished mine. If you’re not single, then pass this list on to your single friends who would appreciate some inspiration. Are you not relishing your time being single? Talk with Psychic Hayden ext. 5424 to see what’s ahead for you in love.

1. Plan a weekly “Girls’ Night,” “Guys’ Night,” “Movie Night,” or “Poker Night.”

2. Light up some sage and cleanse your home from the ex’s bad energy.

3. Get the pet you have always wanted because now you do not have to worry about another person’s allergies.

4. Save money on going out and treating a mate. Acquire and protect your assets while you’re single. Watch The Suze Orman Show for some great financial tips.

5. Travel to any location for any amount of time without worrying about leaving a loved one at home. I had a friend who went to the airport on his summer vacation with no destination in mind and just asked for the first flight available!

6. Walk around your home naked or wearing your most comfortable clothes.

7. Throw a huge birthday party for yourself and title it “___ Years Old, Single, and Loving It!”

8. If you are in a creative mood, cut up old magazines to make a collage of your dream girl’s/guy’s attributes.

9. Fill your fridge with all your favorite junk foods and stock up on your alcohol of choice.

10. Or clean out your fridge, go on a diet, or strive for healthier eating habits.

11. Experiment! Date people older/younger than you, with a totally different background/career than you, perhaps even someone from the same sex if you are really adventurous and curious.

12. Make an “I’m Single” bucket list of things to do while still solo.

13. Better yourself by kicking an old habit.

14. Better yourself by picking up a new hobby.

15. Buy yourself a piece of expensive jewelry as an “I’m Single” gift, like a necklace with the number one on it.

16. If you’re really bold and outgoing, apply to go on a dating show.

17. Have a movie marathon and watch classic movies about being single.

18. Blast your music and dance whenever the mood suits you. Use this as your daily exercise even!

19. Have a bonfire and burn items from your last relationship.

20. Go without shaving or waxing for longer!

21. Ask your friends to set you up on a blind date with a girl/guy whom they think you would be compatible with.

22. If you are currently not married or have kids, make sure you update the beneficiary on all your financial accounts to your parents, siblings, friends, or organizations. It will feel good to make sure your money and mementos are going to the right people.

23. Give yourself a whole body make over: exercise, change your hairstyle, and update your wardrobe. Freshen up the new single you!

24. Steam-clean your carpets. Then, find a place to spend the night while they dry. 😉

25. Find other single friends and go out together to bars, clubs, movies, and events.

26. Have the experience of living alone if you never have.

27. Pick up and go! Have you ever wanted to live in another city, state, or country? Well, here is your chance to do just that!

28. Redesign your home in whatever color scheme or design you desire. Paint each wall a different color if you want!

29. Join a monthly book club and update your home library with some new reads.

30. Call a psychic to ask what they suggest you should do to enjoy your single time. Want to see what’s ahead in your single life? Talk with Psychic Rianne ext. 9423 who can see your path ahead.

I can move forward in my current relationship with no regrets and no fear, because now I know that being single is fun and full of potential. Therefore, I will never stay in an unhappy relationship for that dread of being alone (like I used to in the past). Instead, I can welcome marriage as well as the single life equally. Being single can be empowering and enjoyable, if you take advantage of your solo status. Whether you’re single for one month or one year (or longer), there are plenty of activities you can do and memories you can make to look back on with pride and joy.

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