30 Amazing Facts About Love

Remember What It Means to Love (and Be Loved!)

Humanity always stands above all of Earth’s other beautiful creatures because of our wonderful capacity to love. Our affections and emotions lead us through a lifetime of enjoying and discovering boundless devotions. Love moves the human spirit and surrounds the heart that dwells within it. A passion that crosses the bounds of time is one of the best things anyone can ever find. Love is pure, purposeful, and amazingly quite unconditional. Most of us will climb mountains which are never high enough just to touch the magnificent thing that is love. Such unfiltered bliss is very difficult to resist. Therefore, it becomes the ultimate promise. Here is a list of thirty facts about love and the way love acts or reacts:

1. Love is a bond which pulls and clings together. It is capable of lasting always and forever.

2. Love is unlimited by time. It is imprinted to feel and remain current in one’s mind.

3. Love is more than a good feeling. It has the ability to beckon constant healing.

4. Love is manifesting in many ways. It shows emotional, mental, and physical displays.

5. Love is easy to recognize and acquire. It is fueled by open, honest, and true desire.

6. Love is instant and constant gratification. It lessens the harm of any difficult situation.

7. Love is the antidote to hate and dislike. It brings and keeps peace even if there is defeat.

8. Love is free, freeing, and freedom. It welcomes anything you wish to do or become.

9. Love is quiet and still when waiting patiently loses all will. It keeps focus on the feel.

10. Love is simple and plain. It doesn’t require much nonsense or playing emotional games.

11. Love is often the reason why we will give something a try. It is foolish, but doesn’t lie.

12. Love is who you are at your best. It soothes troubles and puts hard worrying to rest.

13. Love is like a friendly smile. Its duration can be short, but the impact lasts awhile.

14. Love is self-supporting. It has a way of understanding, ignoring, or reasoning anything.

15. Love is why we have the zeal to live. It allows us to start over, renew, and forgive.

16. Love is a reason to hope. It keeps you going, makes you strong, and helps us cope.

17. Love is seemingly somehow perfect. It surprises and advises, but shows respect.

18. Love is sure and securing. It protects, provides, and stays at your side.

19. Love is worthy of sacrifice. It chooses what’s wanted over something quite nice.

20. Love is nourishing to the mind, body, and soul. It makes your happiness its primary goal.

21. Love is submissive. It has no problem accommodating, comforting, or giving.

22. Love is happiness. It gives more than less, expects success, and wishes you all the best.

23. Love is the will to survive. It pushes you to fight for life and remain alive.

24. Love is faithful. It will commit and remain steady whenever it is ready.

25. Love is pure. It is natural, clear, and does not succumb to fear.

26. Love is painless and productive. It has panache and flair that is willingly seductive.

27. Love is beautiful. It can take just about anything and make it appear wonderful.

28. Love is contentment. It knows what it does and all that it has meant.

29. Love is proof and proved. It withstands anything and will not be moved.

30. Love is caring and kind. It gives so much, yet it knows just when to get tough.

Love is all of the above and so much more. It is a hallmark of humankind that we’ve known and experienced since the beginning of time. Our endeavors, dreams, and pursuits are often just means to getting to that most important feeling. Love simply encompasses everything, and its intrinsic worth is a blessing. Without love, I’d find it almost impossible to enjoy living. We all must determine for ourselves what love means, where it is found, how it is described, when it is present, and why it is important. I’ve just listed some of the facts I’ve learned during my lifetime. However, I think it is best to first love yourself and spread that love to someone else.

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15 thoughts on “30 Amazing Facts About Love

  1. mb

    One very important fact about “Love” that actually is above all is: “1. Love is a choice.” We first have to make the choice in our own mind to love and to be loved. We are all given a free will, to love, or not to love.

  2. Joe

    I’m confussed about something. I’m 47 & right now i live in a nursing home untell i get my SSI back pay & then i’m moving to another state, but the question is that i’m falling in love with 1 of the aids. She is in her mid 30’s & she likes me 2, but i don’t know if it the same feelings, there is a very good connection between us & i would like 2 further this relationship, but i don’t know how 2 do it, because it is a pation-staff problem, mind u i planning on leaving real soon so what shall i do. I would like 2 fined out if she has the feelings that i have for her. What should i do. Please till me.

  3. Sarah Jane

    Who ever thought of love in no friend of mine. Because no matter if “love” is all those great things above- Humans will mess it up and cause hurt regardless.

  4. Rhonda

    The truest written form about love I have read. We so need to find it in ourself first in order to discover what real love is about.

  5. aishah Striggles

    Wow, you really express the true meaning of LOVE,the creator had to lead you and put the wisdom in your heart and mind.I sure would like to see your venus. I was in a funk and after reading your view on LOVE,it was sooo much food to my soul,yes my food for today. Again thanks. Aishah Striggles.and Bless You for shareing your insight.


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