11 Best Crystals for Manifesting Momentum

11 Best Crystals for Manifesting Momentum | California Psychics

Seeking Momentum

When you need to get your energy sparking and set your soul on fire to get up, out, and grasp whatever you’ve got to have, crystals can help provide the momentum you need to keep you moving.

We all have different needs, and this is a list of different kinds of crystals meant to help awaken your deep inner reservoirs of manifestation energy. Use one or all of them to assist you in invoking the power of the Universe to help you get what you want. Here are 11 crystals for manifesting momentum.

When You Need Momentum

Clear Quartz

This is the Master Manifesting crystal. Attached to the Crown Chakra, if you can only get one crystal, Clear Quartz is the one to get. This colorless foundation gemstone helps connect you with the Divine Light of your guardian angels and spirit guides. When you whisper what it is you want to it, it will amplify the energy of your intentions as it sets about bringing you your heart’s desires.


This brilliant purple beauty is a wondrous helper. Amethyst will assist you to purify your spirit, give you tranquility, get rid of addictions, and draw goodness to you. Aligned with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, it can help you create what you want in the spirit realm so you can draw it into reality.


Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the seat of your will. Pyrite is reported to sometimes have bits of actual gold in it. This pretty crystal attracts wealth and helps you see the truth behind lies, deception, and facades. It is especially strong for manifesting momentum in making money.


Having an orange-yellow Citrine crystal is like giving yourself a piece of sun power to amp up your energy and bless you with massive momentum. Attached to your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, this lucky gemstone helps you feel happy, confident, strong, and creative as you leap from success to success.


The red-orange hues in Carnelian get your motor revving and bless you with the energy you need to get out there and fulfill your life goals. Associated with the Root and Sacral Chakras, it is known to promote your inner leadership abilities and inspire you with courage, confidence, and passion. It is a stabilizing gemstone that activates your endurance.

Rose Quartz

If it’s love you want to manifest more of, Rose Quartz is your crystal. Connected to the Heart Chakra, this pretty pink gemstone helps you tap into unconditional love and draw it to you. It helps you love yourself and also magnetizes romantic love. To create greater momentum in the love arena, make this crystal of love and beauty your go-to helper.


This gemstone often comes in a soft, creamy white color with bits of black, though it can be found in many hues. Attached to the Crown Chakra, Moonstone opens your intuition so you can be shown the path to obtaining what you are after. A renowned protector during travels of all kinds, be it spiritual or physical, it helps you access channels of wise prophecy as you set about creating new beginnings.


Excellent in helping set you free from pain, frustration, and obstacles, the green-hued Malachite helps you manifest more love and financial blessings into your life through transformational energy. Aligned with the Heart Chakra, it clears out unwanted, old, negative hurts and heartaches, and creates wondrous change, filling you with new hope, deep love, and financial abundance.

Tiger’s Eye

Your inner big cat is already purring at the thought of powerful Tiger’s Eye in your life. It helps you prepare to pounce upon your heart’s desires and catch them! This gold and black crystal is aligned with your Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras, and helps you manifest the power to obtain what you want.


Fabulous for sexual energy manifestation as well as for sparking your desire to get going and manifest more health, wealth, vitality, and well-being into your life, the enticing red Garnet is the perfect gemstone. Associated with the Heart and Root Chakras, it will enhance your libido and your physical drive, flooding you with an enduring intensity of energy.

Black Obsidian

This shining black gemstone is perfect for clearing out dark, destructive blockages of negative energy so you can concentrate on manifesting all the good things you want. If negativity comes toward you, Black Obsidian will mirror it back onto the source that sent it. Connected to the Root Chakra, it is also an incredible protector.

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