10 Ways to Use Psychic Color Energy

Color is light. Light is energy. Energy governs everything we do and totally impacts how we feel. Each color of the spectrum has a frequency, and scientists know our brains and body chemistry react to those vibrations. Sensitives and psychics know our chakras react, too, and can be reenergized by color. Let’s look at ten simple ways to use psychic color.

1. Red is power. Every politician and corporate mogul knows wearing red when facing an adversary gives you an advantage. The richness and depth of red make you seem and feel like a stronger entity.

2. White, the great protector. White light combines all colors. If you feel anxious or are dealing with fear, close your eyes and surround yourself with a dome of white light. The dome keeps thoughts and energies pure and can protect you as you work through issues.

3. Pink secures wishes. Meditation teacher Shakti Gawain advises using a pink psychic bubble to obtain heart’s desires. Get into your deepest meditation state. Envision your heart’s desire in as much detail as you can. Surround it with a pink bubble – glowing, buoyant. Hold the bubble close for a moment, then let go. Watch it rise, disappearing into the universe. Don’t think of your wish again. Let your psychic energy handle it.

4. Create peace and harmony. Wall and environmental colors have a profound impact on your energy and power. Analyze your home. Make sure you feel centered in each room. If not, using visualization and large color samples, find out which colors strengthen your energy. Make changes.

5. Balance your chakras. In Sanskrit, chakra is wheel of light, so color is important here. In order, color association is: Root chakra – red, second chakra – orange, third – yellow, fourth – green, fifth – blue, sixth – purple, seventh – white. Use those colors in meditation and visualization to balance energy and life force, bringing you closer in tune with your soul and the soul of the universe.

6. Change your mood. Wear bright pink or green to enhance and lift mood if you feel depressed or morose. The reflected light touching your skin and stimulating your eyes will give your brain chemistry a kickstart.

7. Psychics know orange can change relationships and scientists may agree. Use orange to work on your emotional self, or someone else’s. That light frequency seems to be associated with social confidence and outcomes. Orange may create optimism and joyful relationships.

8. Find out what kind of love you need. Take yourself to your magical place of meditation and visualization. As you relax, enclose your body, beginning with your head and working down, with an aura of green light. Green connects you to every positive energy, from peace, to purity, to self knowledge. Inside your green aura, explore the qualities you seek in friends or lovers.

9. Soothe pain/treat illness. A holistic approach can include colored light, psychically or physically produced, as therapy. Long ago, blue was thought to affect pain and illness. Now, it isn’t unlikely to find medical staff wearing blue and clinical settings painted blue. Last year, Chinese doctors had success using blue chemicals to treat back pain. For mild pain or illness, try envisioning blue light healing the area. Consult your medical team for anything beyond the mildest condition.

10. Have an aura reading. Ask your psychic practitioner to conduct a reading, and perhaps a balancing of your aura. You may learn a lot more than your anticipated. Take your lover with you for a great couples’ experience.

Many believe our bodies contain a series of energy fields. When the energy is in balance, the body is healthy. We’ve already established that color is energy, so it’s easy to understand how using psychic color energy can have profound impact on you and your reactions to everything you encounter. Tomorrow, choose your colors carefully and see what happens.

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3 thoughts on “10 Ways to Use Psychic Color Energy

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  2. Jacqueline

    Hi Taryn,
    Love your article, colors play a larger part in our life whether it be, decorating our homes to the colors and prints that we wear, colors and alchemy (shapes) effects our mood, our energy level, certain colors are more significant in our life than other colors, colors as well as stones and shapes can help you achieve your goals and receive balance in your life, remember when you have balance in your life, your more likely to be happier, healthier and more spiritual,

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    The color green is also used for healing as well……I use color to meditate sometimes……and color plays a part in my readings from client to client, as sometimes, I will read their auras……( but my reading style changes from client to client, depending on how my Guides choose to connect with that particular client.)

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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