10 Common Self-Defeating Thoughts

Self-Defeating Thoughts: Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

We can be our own worst enemies when it comes to making our desires and wishes come true. This is because the negative mind conversations we employ create barriers that block us from moving forward. Perhaps you’ve had the following thoughts: My new job/promotion/career change is permanently on hold until something else is in place, my looks improve, or I have more education, skills, experience or knowledge. I can’t have a successful, long-term relationship because I don’t feel like I am good, desirable or deserve love. That dream house can never be mine because people like me don’t have things like that. If this chatter is going on in your head, then nothing will be achieved!

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that!

If you learn to identify the self-defeating thoughts and put a stop to them, you will create a shift in your pattern of thinking. Blocks and barriers will cease to exist and taking action becomes easier to do.

Here are 10 Common Self-Defeating Thoughts:

1. Fear

We often talk ourselves out of doing something because we fear rejection, failure or being seen as foolish. Sometimes we even fear success.

2. Time and Money

We use time and money as excuses not to take advantage of opportunities that would improve our lives. But, we’ll spend the money on frivolous or material things instead.

3. Lack of Self-Worth

Deep down, we don’t believe that we deserve love, success, prosperity or abundance in any form. This could be a conscious or unconscious belief.

4. The Need for Perfection

We tell ourselves that a state of perfection needs to be achieved before we take a step. We tell ourselves that we are not good enough and don’t know enough.

5. Resenting the Rich and Successful

We look at rich and successful people and waste time resenting them. This is not empowering.

6. Small-Mindedness

We have a limited idea of what we could make of ourselves and as a result, we aim too low.

7. Negative Environment

We focus on what is lacking in our lives rather than focusing on what we really want. Too much attention is being paid to the negative influences around us, like friends, family or the news.

8. Lack of Inner Guidance

We are unwilling to do what it takes to change or move forward because we do not always follow our heart and listen to our intuition as much as we could.

9. Too Busy

We are not willing to acknowledge our truth about hidden behaviors and therefore keep ourselves too busy or scattered.

10. Lack of Self-Confidence

We are afraid to step outside our comfort zone or take risks, especially when we lack self-confidence and have low self-esteem.

Any one of these self-defeating thoughts or a combination of them will lead to a failure to act on our true desires. But just being aware of them diminishes their power over you. Remember, we do not have to believe every thought that we have!

4 thoughts on “10 Common Self-Defeating Thoughts

  1. rebecca

    Wow, that sums me up! I am always talking myself out of things. Someone once told me that I intentionally sabotage myself when things are going well, because it seems like I don’t feel I deserve to be happy. I just got a great offer for employment as a travel RN for homecare. I have a lot of experience, the position is in VT and I am in PA, already I am thinking of reasons not to go, and its only 6-13 week contract, the money is excellent. Why do I do this?…….

  2. chloePsychic Chloe

    Wonderful list Psychic Samantha!

    Self- defeating thoughts can be such a barrier to living to our fullest potential.

    Destiny is recognizing the opportunities we are given and taking advantage of them. Those opportunities are always there.

    We were born to thrive!

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    Love & Light,

    Psychic Chloe [ext. 9421]


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