Your Weekly Career Horoscope for February 18 – 24, 2013

Your Weekly Career Horoscope for February 18 to February 24, 2012

The week of February 18 begins a period of building career relationships that will continue through early July. Most importantly, it requires special attention to the sensitivities of others. All the other planets align to support your career goals if you take into account what others need and want from you, like making them feel valued, attractive and important.


Network from the heart to promote your career during the first part of the week of February 18. Communicate those “soulful” goals in a way that lets those who might hire or promote you or your services know how much you can serve their interests. Friday the 22nd and the weekend inspire your creative efforts.


You speak for the needs of women, children and our planet this week no matter what your vocation. There are opportunities everywhere on Wednesday and Thursday to dazzle them with your sense of what’s beautiful and grounded in the sexiness of being vital and alive that you so naturally express.


You shine at the beginning of the week of February 18. Monday you speak with positive emotion and inspiration to motivate others who are struggling at work with health and other issues. Midweek is focused on finances, while on Friday and over the weekend you are high energy and fiery in your approach to work.


This week you continue building the flow that keeps business vital, alive and lucrative. You are a master of understanding that money is meant to travel in a circuit out and back to you to create growth. Wednesday and Thursday are a time to teach others empathy that can serve you both.


If there is a mysterious air at your workplace it is due to others being concerned about personal and social issues. You could well be the leader everyone is waiting for to create a business out of serving people’s deepest needs. Use your innate creativity to develop a presentation on Friday or the following Monday.


A strong but positive person will demand your attention on Monday, February 18. Use your special talents and intelligence to provide support if you like their ideas. If not, gently bring them back to reality. Your community will be focused on protecting children during the middle and end of the work week, so present related ideas then and others will like your approach.


Decisions, decisions… You are feeling very positive about travel and studies on Monday, February 18, and they could benefit you nicely. Then again, work and health demands are powerful mid-week. Libra, this is a perfect week to do your amazing balancing act between these two issues and Friday will bring a fulfilling and fun weekend.


You are feeling vital and comfortable with your special talents as a spiritual healer during these times. Apply this natural ability to everything you do at work this week and you will see good results, particularly mid-week. Friday, February 22 is a good time to make presentations to the public.


You’ll be focused on partnerships and demands and other issues at home at the beginning of the week of February 18. Handle those while you develop a “big picture” way to handle finances at the office and for your investors mid-week and you’ll have a “fan club following” for your efforts by Friday.

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Your efforts at the beginning of the week of February 18 will be really lucrative if you inspire others with your transformative ideas. Be positive about what you have and others will catch on. Mid-week changes may make coworkers or clients nervous, so be certain to reassure them that your vision has real substance.


You can barely contain yourself when it comes to your innovative ideas at the beginning of the week. By Tuesday the 19th others will begin to find your suggestions sexy and will feel your energy. Deal with the details of what you want to achieve on Wednesday and Thursday and you’ll be ready to enjoy a fun relationship over the weekend.

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You are full of energy to put your dreams into form during the week of February 18, helping you pursue your ideal career. Wednesday and Thursday bring the opportunity for studies or travel. Seize the chance and then apply what you learn into some solid creative efforts whether it’s a long-term work project, a great writing effort or an artistic creation.

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