Your Saturn Retrograde Forecast for 2013

Saturn’s Mission: Karma

Saturn is sometimes known as “The Taskmaster.” What Saturn really does is show us the way to victory through adversity and how to build confidence by overcoming obstacles.

Karmically, knowing where Saturn lies in your birth chart tells you where you face your biggest hurdle in life—something you need to work on to clear your path to joy and abundance. Having your chart done will unlock a lot of mystery in your life. But also, as it travels through the 12 houses of the zodiac, Saturn teaches us lessons related to those houses—some are easier than others.

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn retrograde will push us just a little harder than it does in forward motion. It’s a reinforcement of the lesson, but it also gives us more time to work on issues. It urges us to push boundaries and surpass our own expectations; ultimately to build confidence and feel comfortable in own special place in this world.

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn will retrograde in Scorpio between February 18 and July 8, 2013. So what does that mean for your Sun sign? Let’s peek at your Saturn retrograde forecast:


Your concentration should be focused on finances, taxes, debts and investments. Make wise decisions, carefully research investments and resist the temptation to take chances with your finances.


Partnerships of any kind require careful consideration. You may be dealing with a former or prospective partner and the emphasis will be ethics, credibility, disclosure and fairness for both parties.


You may be looking at your day-to-day life. Are you using your time wisely and taking care of personal responsibilities and outside obligations? Look to create a healthy balance in all of your life factors.


Whether or not you have children of your own, you no doubt have children in your life either through friends or family or work. You have the opportunity to teach impressionable life students by example.


Your home and those who live in it are your main focus during this Saturn retrograde. Your presence in the home, both physically and aesthetically, are important as you build a haven of comfort and stability.


Communications with others, speaking in public, and anything communication-related that makes you uncomfortable should be met with confidence. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will help you through.

“Astrology is our life’s blueprint  reflected by the stars.” – Psychic Alison ext. 9885


Your finances may be in need of an overhaul. Remember possessions are just “things” and that your Saturn retrograde lesson lies in making a financial plan that eliminates debts and creates lasting value in your life.


Cleaning up your image and your reputation as a winner in your chosen profession or life in general is your task. Bring some of who you are on the inside to your outer appearance and exude confidence in all you do.


You may be facing things you thought were long forgotten and secrets come to light. Authenticity is the name of the game. Facing your fears should help put them to rest.


Activity revolves around your many friends and associations. You appreciate them all and look to bring them together to promote acceptance and so your social life becomes less complicated.

“Astrology reveals your aspirations and goals, talents, hopes and wishes, as well as your challenges en route to your goals. ” – Psychic Sonja ext. 5071


Where does work fit into your life? Are you doing what you love or dragging yourself through the motions? It’s time to explore more and to be proactive in your career destiny.


This water-themed, student of life retrograde is one you can relate to as it calls to your spirit. You long for sandy shores, to travel, explore and experience culture. Why not write about your adventures and explore that possibility?

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8 thoughts on “Your Saturn Retrograde Forecast for 2013

  1. venkat

    my DOB 17.02.1964

    time of birth 11.20 pm

    birth place :Eluru(india) 81.05E :16.42N

    Searching for a new job. Please let me know when i will get a decent job.

  2. Susie

    I have had my chart done, I am a Capricorn with 4 houses in Scorpio. How will current time with Saturn in the house of Scorpio effect my life? It’s begging for help! Lol

  3. vinod sehgal

    The saturn has been explained as retrograde in scorpio from Feb 13 which looks amazing as at present the saturn is in Libra and shall remain there for the entire year. Can u explain that what system has been followed where saturn is in Scorpio.

  4. lina

    Hi I’ve received your email by chance. I’m going though a very difficult time that is causing me immeasurable suffering. My husband of 11 years is leaving me and I think it’s for another woman. I’m Sagittarius. I never imagined this could happen to us as we have been though a lot but I was thought we would make it through anything. I would like to have him come back in my arms but I’m afraid that it will not happen. thanks for your response.


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