Your Head or Your Heart?

That awful war between one’s head and one’s heart always seems to surface when the decisions that need to be made are significantly important. Your heart says one thing, your mind contradicts and you’re torn as to what to do. You’re compelled to listen to your heart… but then again,you’d rather be safe than sorry and listen to your mind. What do you do?

We talked to Psychic and Medium Miss Krystal ext. 9192 about the common dilemma which callers face when having to resolve an important situation, or make a decision that could change their fate:

What do you do when your heart tells you one thing and your mind doesn’t agree?

“Successful people in life know that when it comes to battles of the heart and the head, patience is a virtue and really will lead to a more rewarding and peaceful life. Haste makes waste. Good things come to those who wait… ” lists Miss Krystal, saying that remembering these old adages can be helpful in these situations. “Over the years, I’ve had many experiences with callers caught in a riptide of emotion when it comes to making decisions. When a person’s heart says one thing and the mind says another, a frantic state of being stuck, confused and torn can set in. It’s at these times when patience can be our best friend.

“Being in a hurry to make decisions never really gets a person anywhere, especially in matters of the heart and work,” says the psychic who has been featured on television and radio and has studied metaphysics around the globe. “The best thing a person can do for the best possible outcome, is nothing! Just let the situation have time to balance itself out as it unfolds and evolves into a clearer issue. Use the time to investigate what your logic has to say about the issue – to move beyond what sounds good to what actually is good for you.”

“I have a regular client, lets call her Cindy, whose heart and head seem to be in constant conflict. Difficult circumstances trigger emotional turmoil and distress for her, as well as a heartfelt need to make a hasty emotional decision. She will call and debate and debate with me, as I suggest that timing is everything and that she needs the patience to wait out her next move,” tells Miss Krystal. “In the end, her mind does win over her heart and she tends to wait long enough to make a balanced decision, but she has a tough time getting there.” As a result of her being patient, even though she’s kicking and screaming along the way, Miss Krystal describes Cindy as having a fantastic career and a healthy evolving relationship. “Making balanced decisions has been key to her success.”

If you tend to have trouble finding the truth of your desires, Miss Krystal suggests writing down the confusion between your logical mind and your emotional yearnings. This helps to release the part of you that wants you to act in a hurry,” she explains. “List the pros and cons of both possibilities, do some research, and hopefully the right answer will eventually surface in divine order.”

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