You Caught Him, Now What

I Caught His Cheating Ass

Did you recently catch your boyfriend cheating? It’s quite painful to know that the one who you love most has betrayed you and you might be wondering whether you should give him another chance or let him go. Miss Krystal ext. 9192 agrees: “There’s things you need to do before you sever the relationship. One thing you should begin with is to take more time for yourself. Get some space, gain some perspective and see how you feel.”

Clear your head, possibly take up some meditation and yoga to nurture your broken heart. If your gut was telling you something was wrong, most likely you were right. “When you start to feel that edge, there’s a reason for it,” Glenna ext. 5418 shares.

It’s a wonderful gift to be aware of your surroundings and the people that are close to you.

No one wants to endure a broken heart and to feel alone within a relationship. Asia ext. 5486 shares that “Of course this broken heart is not something that you want to happen to you again, but with each experience, it defines more of what you want in a relationship.”

If you have a cheating boyfriend you may have to let him go. If your love is strong enough you might be able to regain the trust in your relationship. A reading from one of our trusted expert psychics can help give you the advice you need. If you are wondering what to do with a cheating boyfriend, you need another person’s perspective on the matter. Miss Krystal ext. 9192 says, “I heard something the other night: ‘It’s better to be alone than wishing you were alone.’ How powerful and true. Ladies write this on a piece of paper and put it up somewhere… it will help keep you on the right track so you can find your right relationship.”

Do you love yourself enough? Think about that for a minute.

You deserve to be loved and you deserve a loyal partner. You may be able to fix this situation if your cheating boyfriend is ready to fully commit to you in an honest manner.

Why should you get a reading? It’s important to get a personal reading today as your next move could change your whole life and relationship path. We want you to find happiness and love with every decision you make from here on out. “I also give them the opportunity, on that phone call, to dream about what it would be like to leave that relationship at that moment,” Nevaeh ext. 5203 explains of her reading style.

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31 thoughts on “You Caught Him, Now What

  1. Confused

    I have been seeing this guy for a couple months. I met him over a dating site and he seemed to find my weakness and feed on it. Now I’m wishing that I wasn’t so open with him because he still seems to do and say all the right things at the right time. I have gotten these gut feelings that something isn’t right and actually caught him still on the site. He has told me time and time again that he hasn’t met anyone else off of the site I am very attracted to him and have strong feelings for him so do I leave it at conversation or is there something I need to fear please help me

  2. mybeloved

    to add to my last comment once you collected all the info on your man wrong doings there is no need for questions for his lies. then maybe you wana throw some of your evidence at him without him knowing you have it just to see how much respect and concern he has for you. i remember a male friend of mind told me that sometimes married men get caught up in blackmale with these mistresses, so to save their marriage they keep the affair going, and sometimes when men leave trails that seem to be too sloppy its because he want to be caught to end something either the mistress or the wife hoping the wife finds out to help him end it with the mistress and keep the marriage or just make a fight to end the marriage abruptly. so either way he got be confronted to see his intentions. which as a woman with strong intuitions will know b4 he does. the good thing about a sad situation like this is it could be a start of a new beginning or ending. remember women rules herself and nurture life. men NEED us as much as we WANT them. ive learned this in the last 2yrs. of my 5yr. relationship and of course theres been others before. i hope this helps.

  3. mybeloved

    intuition and dreams are women tools to know what she needs to know. pay attention. believe in it. then let it guide you. if a vibe says go into his things or follow him , DO IT!. dont mention a thing to him and let him pick up your intuition that you know something. show no attitudes stay quiet act normal and let your gifts guide you. while men are useing tricky strategies from so called logic point of view to a solution, we use our goddess touch to turn him into a naked fool. make his dark secrets turn to light for our sake. i think that us ladies could stop the madness as soon as it begin if we follow our intuition and do a quiet lady like investigation to know what we need to know. we waste a lot of time trying to make them honest about things they like to do wrong. so always remind ourselves that when we wait too late to take a stand on something, we always can recall the time we felt something was wrong that we ignored because of a mans word. remember no one has to convince us of anything because we already know as soon as you ask the question because your guts and nerves wont let you rest if the answer ignored. think about it. thats the power of a woman that men from history tried to strip us away from until they used to call us a witch. can you imagine the suffering women had to go through because of the natural magic we had. they didnt want us to speak back to our husbands and the men because we scared the hell out of them.they had to think it and be wrong all we had to do was feel it and always right. ooooh spoooky!

  4. shannon

    i forgot to mention what this man was doing to me. first i want to tell you the excuse he used to feel like he had the license to kill me emotionally…the fact that in the first two months into our dating i was still communicating with a very old ex meaning ive been dating 3 yrs after me and this ex broke up we were friends without benefits. i told him all about this friendship, practically told him the ex’s personal issues of why im still in contact. i did it because i liked him better than the others ive dated and they didnt know about the ex friendship. anyway i end it with the ex but soon after that i realized this so called sister of his is’nt his sister. right now today i have’nt met her and he refused to come clean. so i got my friend back but with boundaries. i even felt guilty about that but then i realized that he had been in at least 5 relationships with me in the back ground and when he wanted to end it with them he flaunts me around in their face to pist them off to let them think he cheated on them and not me. he worn out the meaning of have his cake and icecream to the point he was getting the whole party menu. this man had women around me everywhere. grocery stores malls laundry mat restaurants name it. he would set them up because they looked as though they knew of me or they face would look familiar thats why they couldnt approach me because some even had a man already.he was a serial heartbreaker. he used me to help him work wonders for him and against myself. ladies remember this all your man have to do is pist his tricks off and these ladies will show you signs to let you know hes no good. dont get mad at the females bcuz they are trying to tell you something without all the fighting. its when the other woman gets dumped that she wants to be seen. i saw the signs and never confront them because somewhere inside was telling me i was the other woman too. and looking for answers from him was like sinking deeper into the abyss. that caused me to hold in a lot and kept me in confusion. because it was to the point i didnt feel like i had to confront i felt like they were going to hurt me. with all that mix with love and hurt spell devestation and depression. i just think god for the guidance through humiliation and healing. ITS OVER! YES

  5. shannon

    hi. im not married wanted to be but glad i didnt. your story is so similar to mine. a little mate and been together 4yrs. it was a very bad ordeal. it separated me from my children to the point they lost some respect for me. this man kept me in total confusion. he wanted me to see what he wanted me to and not see what i saw. the worst thing of this scenario is his friends family and tricks seen and unseen helped him with this. not to mention i found out he was manipulating my kids behind my back. i was so angry i wanted to kill him but loved him to mych to do that so i tried to blast him out so ppl can know who he is, he always said i look like a fool and he was right bcuz everybody knew but me. the sick part about it he was possesive of me and tried to be controlling but he couldnt have that 100%. i finally left him after i worked on my feelings becuz i refused to let him push me away carrying the bag of devistation he caused so i stayed and looked at it for what it was purged and left. now i feel so free and can love agian.befor i tried to leave but i kept going back bcuz of feelings and not being open for a new start without him in the mist. so i took the humiliation then cut myself off from him and anyone that had anything to do with him now im o.k. it has been a rollercoaster.

  6. Marisza

    My husband showed his true colours, first off the LIES, how he fought to keep them going considering I already knew the truth and so did my children because it was my daughter who intercepted an ‘amorous’ text message on his cellphone to a woman he didn’t even bother to name properly. I also knew that something was amiss with his entire demeanour towards the children and me….I don’t know, but there is always some dead give away. To cut to the chase, he finally admitted his trist and I told him that since he wasn’t happy with our marriage, then the honest thing for him to do was to pack up, leave and start a new life with his new ‘lady friend’. Well, she gave him the elbow and he’s behaving like a wet blanket, he’s declaring his committment and love to me and all the nonsense that follows. I’ve said ENOUGH and I am now working towards gaining my freedom and starting a new life. I have condensed this sorry tale because I have endured 25 years of emotional abuse from my soon to be ex, and frankly speaking, I feel an emptiness towards him.

  7. sweetz1

    I feel the same way. I’m still in love with a guy whom I married, buy we split. He end up going back to his ex- girlfriend. Now he cheating on her. But she keep taking him back. I refuse to take someone back if they don’t want to be faithful. He left me and went to her. I was hurt. However, I just can’t seem to let go of the love I have for him, even though I know he hurt me badly.

  8. linda

    Once a cheater, always a cheater. Lying and cheating go hand in hand, and you will never be able to trust them, so get rid of them, once and for all.

  9. sugar

    women r so nuturting, thats why nothing is cut and dry we allways find an excuse why a man does what he does and some how try to b the perfect women in hopes he see us as the better women and chose us, but we r only giving him our power. love makes us lose the ability to make a concrete decision, he tells us he wont do it again, we believe it and make love with them and forget until next time, then wish we had ended it last time we so often dont want to feel the pain of separation love is like a drug u have to go cold turkey, shut it down and go through withdrawal yes it hurt like hell, there is no pill for it just time and no 1 day it wil get bettr and lots of prayer its better to go throu it and get over it once and for all than go every wk or mo and repeat same pain over and over our worth is priceless let us love ourself first man loves a strong women stay strong ladies

  10. Mellissa

    Oh Sharon, sweetie nothing is wrong with you, so many people go through almost this exact situation, male and female. It is easier to give in and hold onto this guy than it is to break it off. When you think about it and what it will mean for the future, it’s scary to think of a life with him not in it, to have to go out there and find someone new. On some level it hurts like nothing anyone can describe. I have been through this before with my first love. I kept thinking it would change he would grow up, he didn’t. It took him losing his license and a near death experience for him to grow up. It turned out that we were not meant to be in the end. He is now married with a little boy, and six years later it doesn’t hurt that much if at all. You won’t ever forget this man Sharon, the higher power whatever it may be put this man in your path for a reason, and maybe it wasn’t meant to be forever, but a lesson you may need for later relationships. I don’t know what the right choice is for you but I can say from what you have described it sounds to me like he is cheating and he isn’t ready to let you go yet, he will string you along for however long you allow him too…. Yes, I have multiple experiences in that too. I don’t know you or what part you have played in what he is doing (relationships are a two way street) but I can say no one male or female deserves to be treated the way you are allowing him to treat you. We teach people how to treat us and if you let him stick around you are telling him, without saying a word, that it is okay for him to treat you like this, and heck why not have your cake and eat it too. I can say that the perfect fit for you is out there and he will come into your life when the time is right, however how will you know if he shows up if you are still with this man who is silently screaming, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT!”…. If you decide to leave than leave completely it will be agony for a long time but it will get better, no contact I have found is easier then watching the other person move on while I’m sitting there with my heart shredded and in my hands. It also prevents him from giving guilt trips because you are moving on with your life. Maybe take a small vacation if you have the means and time, or go somewhere for a day and shut off the phone and clear your head. I also found keeping busy helps tremendously! After my break up I enrolled into college full time and worked part time and found I was so busy I didn’t have time to dwell on what could have been, I did however find my path in life and my career passion. At night I eventually started forcing my mind to think of something else. Example: the color blue, I counted the number of blue things in my room and the next thing I knew it was morning…. It’s almost like a rewiring of the brain and emotions. Good luck in life, I wish you the best in all endeavors!

  11. Natalie

    I like the fact that nerry(?) got back with her ex, but her story has a pattern. The guy changed his whole life around and was truly sorry for his mistake. He changed his friends and his habits. Most guys don’t do that.

    My husband cheated on me and like most of the men mentioned here he didn’t change. I feel sorry for guys like that because after we as females get over the pain you have inflicted we do move on and like another commenter said this happens to guys as well. Hopefully these are guys who tried like hell to save their relationships and didn’t go off all half cocked and treat their females poorly.

    We do get over it (the cheating and the cheaters), and hopefully we move on less bitter and more enlightened.

  12. sharon

    I have been with my boyfriend for 3yrs and I am very much in love with him and he with me, so he says(I’ve known him for about 8yrs). In the first 2+yrs it has been wonderful I’ve never been happier and I felt that he loved me with all his heart, everybody could see that we loved each other. We went everywhere together. But in the last several months things changed he quit asking me to go with him and would say,”no,it’s ok I’ll stay home” went I would ask him. our once very highly active sex life went to almost nothing. he would say it was because of my gaining weight and my attitude. Well I only gained maybe 20lbs and, ok there was some times my attitude was bad around friends but we were in the middle of fighting and he’d ask them over. anyhow eventually I got word of him having another girlfriend, of coarse he denied it saying that person was lying. Now I’ve heard this from many many people but still he denies saying they are all lying. everybody is lying but him–BULLSHIT–. He still tells me he loves and is in love with me yet he hasnt spent the night at home(we have lived together almost our whole relationship)in almost 2 weeks straight. and in the past 2-3mns he slept at home maybe a total of 1 week. I know he is seeing someone else yet I still cant seem to put an end to us. I have told him to get out he wont. I have even packed his stuff and put it in the back of his truck. What is my problem that I cant fully let go? I cry 24/7, my heart is destroyed and I cant even put on a fake smill anymore. And,why cant he admit to being unfaithfull? he has taken her around his family and OUR friends. Is he using me? cant be for sex(we dont have that). could it be because he has nowhere to put all his stuff he has quite a bit of tools? please set me straight.

  13. pookie

    I have a gut feeling with the man with. He’s about one year out of a relationship…marriage…for 20 years. There was cheating between the two of them, so I’ve heard from his family and friends. He promises me that he won’t hurt me. At first I strongly believed him. We spent a lot of ie together…now we don’t as much. His work days become longer, he doesn’t respond to texts, and now he doesn’t welcome me to go to a local hangout that he attends very often after work with his fellow employees. We are living together and we are very open with each other about our feelings towards each other. I can’t shake my instincts…I don’t feel that I’m being fair to him. I love this man and I will stand by his side through thick and thin, but faithfully. Why do I have this feeling and what do I do about it? Help…

  14. Lonamae

    I found out my husband of 14 years was cheating on me. He promised to never see this woman again, loved me and only me and wanted to stay in our marriage. Not even 3 weeks later, he spent the night with her while he thought I was at work. I have more love and respect for myself than to stay with a man who betrayed and disrespected me. It has been one year and I can say it was the most awful exerience I have ever been through. If I had decided to remain with him it would have been worse. He is the loser because he will never find another woman who will love and care for him as much as I did. BTW – his relationship with the woman he was cheating on me with has been over with for months. He preys on the young foreign women (or maybe they prey on him).

  15. nerry

    i had a partner cheat on me once when he was drunk and on drugs to make it worse! I didn’t catch him he came clean a few months later when it all come back to him saying i deserve better he was Devastated while i packed my things and moved out he sat on the kitchen floor for 3 days. He then moved back in with his parents, lost 20kgs, changed his circle of friends his phone number and didn’t date anyone. I never got over him he was the love of my life. I ran into him 6 months after breaking up and he asked me out to dinner. I figured if he’d been single for 6 months and not been with anyone and changed his group of friends that did drugs i’d go! 4 years on now we are still together and the relationship has never been better we’ve lived together since the day we got back together. He is my best friend we do everything together camping fishing hiking some of our faverites and it did take me a while to get the trust back he proved to be trustworthy time and time again, his help me advance in my career and me his we can openly talk about the past and he is remorseful. so the whole point of this story once a cheater always a cheater, well i hope thats not always the case sometimes something good can come out of it a better stronger relationship after alot of time 😉

  16. bm9

    I have a friend she is very very nice, but due to her husband’s cheating and loveless marriage she fell in love with a married man, long distance relationship. But she came to know he has many gfs but he says he found true love and want to be with her and is after her like pleading. But again she caught him having the same relationships with those women, but he promises once he is with her she will know how true he is. She is heartbroken sad and can’t get over him. Her intution says he is wrong, i know an di tell her too, but it is hard for her to forget him as she found true love in her late 40s and is very lonely. how do i help her come out of this relationship , she doesn’t trust any men now.But he calls her and she feels what if she did take a wrong decision, but she is very very unhappy in this realtionship. pl help.

  17. tim

    What about the women that cheats, lies, and plays the guy for what they need? Most all your topics are about men and what they do wrong or bad, women do the same things and even worse about some about some insights on women in the relationship and to deal with the crazy behavior ..

  18. zama odilia

    I want to know whether the ups and downs that I have been facing in my present relationship will pass succesfully and my boy friend will treat me with Love, Kindness, financially, even marriage etc. His name is Obam

  19. Gayle Martin

    Interesting post. I think too you would need to consider what stage your relationship is in. If you are simply dating, and no commitment has been made, then he’s actually not cheating. However if you’ve mutually agreed to date exclusively, or you’re engaged or living together, then you definitely need to reassess and weigh your options. They say once a cheater always a cheater, and I think most of the time that is true.

  20. William

    Don’t you that the person should look at themself and try to figure out if they was doing something wrong. Sometime men and women stop doing what it took to get the person.

  21. Chris Petersen

    A man’s poit of view! Dump him, look elsewhere. This man is still looking for whatever he wants and he has made it clear it is not you. The few exceptions to this obvious truth are not worth time and effort on your part.
    BTW, women should be honest, and they more often are, if they are the ones cheating they are the ones still not happy with the one they are with. Do the man a favour, dump him, anything less is ongoing abuse.
    This coin has the same picture on both sides as much as women and men are different cheating by either is rejection of the other.

  22. shannon

    Ladies we have to trust our instincts an know our self worth. When he accuses you it`s his guilt eating at him. Just saying. Have a blessed day

  23. asiax5486

    I would like to humble myself and say, this is a very hard thing to go through. I have experienced it. It hurts, shocks, causes disbelief that this could happen to you. Can you ever trust this person again? Especially when you love that person so deeply. You have to follow your gut in a situation like this. Your spirit guides and angels will lead you to the answers that you seek. They helped me 🙂 Just have the strength in knowing that only you know what you can do…take some time and weigh out all of the pros and cons of the relationship. Then after you have had some time, make you decision. My heart goes out to those that have gone through this…Love and Light~Asia x 5486


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