Words to Save Your Relationship

Are You Ready to Get Over Your Argument?

While it is said that communication is key in relationships, how and what you are communicating is just as important! These aren’t complicated sentences or concepts, and yet your relationship probably won’t survive without them.


When two people think of themselves as a couple (as in terms of “we” and “us” instead of always “me” or “I”), their relationship is much more harmonious. This isn’t to say that you lose your own identity, but rather that you see each other as part of a team—a cohesive unit. This is especially helpful in arguments. If you use the we/us approach, you are saying that you want to work on the issues together instead of placing all blame squarely on your partner.

Thank You

Never stop appreciating your partner and the efforts they make in your relationship! Days can get hectic and you both can fall into a routine where you take on specific responsibilities. Just because you’ve built an efficient and fair system between you two doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remember to thank one another for all that you do. Want to set a better idea of where your partner is at? Joyce ext. 9598 has the insight you’re looking for!

How Was Your Day?

Showing interest in one another’s day is a considerate way to keep closeness in the relationship. It shows that you care about him and his work and allows him to open up in any way he needs—whether it’s to share his positive experiences with you, or to talk out any negative ones (in which case this is a great opportunity to serve as a support system for one another).

I’m Sorry

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but necessary when you’ve screwed up.

Whatever you’ve done, it’s imperative that you are able to admit fault and apologize to your partner. If you don’t, it’s likely the issue will fester in the relationship, causing harm and distance that can eventually pull you apart. Do you feel like your partner doesn’t respect you? Justine ext. 5402 knows what’s in their heart.

I Love You

While we all know this is important to say to our significant other, it’s easy to forget. These are some of the most powerful words in existence, if said from the heart. Relationships are work, and while you may have a strong, loving relationship with your partner now, never forget the path it took to get you there. Saying these three words to them reminds them of all you have built together and that you are here for them when they need it. There is nothing more powerful than that.

4 thoughts on “Words to Save Your Relationship

  1. donna lollis

    how do ypu internet date. when you live two thousand miles how do you know whentheir is a problem, what it is if they wont talk. i fell in love with man i never met. i havent dated in 22years,and never talked like that.your heart and soul connects, yet you dont really know this person.i have beensick over this. he quit talking to me and i dont know why.hes a taurus and i am a libra born same year.he born may 17, 1950 and i was born oct. 12,1950. is there any hope

  2. Barb Johnson

    Great advise, but the one thing this all really amounts to is respect. We have to show our partner that we respect them in these ways, because without respect, there is nothing but anger and sadness.


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