Will Your Love Last?

While your story is unique to you and your special love, it carries with it a grand mythic theme, and it is an astrologer’s job to recognize your powerful story, share it with you, and work with you to figure out the best possible outcome. In addition to our intuitive sense of “who you are,” astrologers have a wonderful map of your life where we can see the vivid stories you live every day, and how they are tied to the stars and the planets.

Astrologers look at lovers’ charts and see lines of communication and interaction, or ‘aspects’ between planets and special angles in your chart. Many aspects indicate a lovely harmony — others show challenges. Some frame the sense of timelessness and magic that you are presently living with your special someone.

Venus and Mars indicate a strong attraction. We often find these planets in harmony, showing a natural flow, or in a square or opposition, showing an interactive, exciting dance. The harmonious aspects can indicate a magic ease between you and your lover. The challenging aspects show how you balance each other’s natural tendencies and how you keep things ‘spicy’ and interesting. You may love to fight because making up is so much fun.

The Sun and the Moon are also deep connections between charts. The Moon indicates our sense of comfort, safety, our feelings of being ‘home,’ and our emotions. The Sun shows how we express ourselves and how we see ourselves. When these planets are in harmony between charts, you share a sense of safety and comfort in your self-expression with your special partner, and vice versa. These aspects are very helpful in long-term relationships. Other aspects show challenges, but are not necessarily a threat to a strong relationship.

The Moon’s nodal axis, the point where it ‘dances with the Sun,’ marks the doors to ‘other consciousness.’ When tied to your lover’s chart, the lunar nodes will indicate a sense of ‘fate’ in the relationship. You will likely feel that you have known this person forever, and always will know them.

If you have suddenly found someone who turns out to be very exciting and inspiring, often the planet Uranus is involved. These relationships can be short-lived but great fun, or they can be longer-lasting, inspiring relationships when other indications are shown.

Saturn ties in a chart show the person who can ‘ground you’ and help you in realizing your aims. Ties to this planet can offer a secure home and a base from which you can operate. A Saturn partner may remind you of a parent, or may be a bit older than you, but these can be very solid relationships.

Neptune aspects bring the music and the magic to your relationship. You may have a complete sense of being ‘beyond time and space’ with this lover. You may be so enchanted with them that you would sacrifice most anything.

Pluto involved in relationship aspects is rich, powerful, and thunders away at your passionate source. He speaks from your very depth and brings forth all that you treasure, and fear, from this very private place.

Other smaller planets like Pluto are new and tell special stories in our lives. Sedna in your chart shows where you have, or will, overcome a deep and probably unconscious wound from a past relationship with your father or other males. Once this is brought into the open, a great creativity, or a new ‘voice’ is available to you. Example: Liv Ullmann, whose father died when she was just six years old. What sprang from that pain was one of the world’s greatest actresses and an activist for children through UNICEF.

Haumea is the great mother goddess of Hawaii. She shows a great capacity for creativity, as well as where you might be inclined to be the “Super Mom” or “Super Dad.” Once you have learned not to split yourself into too many jobs and directions, this point brings great beauty into your life. Agnetha Faltskog from ABBA had strong Haumea, and was deeply committed to her maternal role, to the point that touring became quite difficult for her.

Ceres is a maternal small planet that is also potent in a long-term relationship, and often will show a mother figure. Paul and Linda McCartney had strong Ceres aspects, and she was the mother of three of his children. Linda also showed her strong maternal instincts in her commitment to animals and vegetarianism. Juno is the goddess of marriage and is important in seeing if a marriage will be part of your relationship.

When you have a birth time available to your astrologer, even finer detail can be found, and we can look at the deep life-long relationships and the marriage partner in a more specific context. We look forward to sharing your special story with you …

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