Will Our Relationship Work Out?

Every now and then, a relationship that looks like it’s going nowhere, takes off. Sometimes patience has its rewards, even if the odds don’t appear to be stacked up in favor of a particular pair. “Perhaps destiny shapes the couple’s course, or love conquers all. Or maybe, both energies worked very, very hard to make it happen,” asserts Leah ext. 9319 .

After 7 years of casual togetherness, Vanessa, (not her real name) a self-made successful business owner, madly in love with Ethan (not his real name), a divorced father of one, became panicky over his latest bout of seeming indifference towards her. It was nothing Vanessa could put her finger on, but she found herself demanding his attention out of anger and fear. Uncomfortable with her own behavior towards her sweet but reclusive boyfriend, she called the psychic to find out when and if he would finally change.

“Will our relationship work out?” asked the architect who had had an “electric” response upon first meeting the man she had hired to consult for her company. But, lately Vanessa wondered if their carefree romance was enough for her.

Leah immediately understood that Ethan had deep feelings for her caller, but it was as if he had made a choice not to participate passionately in any relationship. “As a result, you’ve been getting frustrated and angry with him lately. That could damage the threads of your connection,” Leah advised her client. “He is difficult to connect with… but right now he is deeply bitter.”

Vanessa told the psychic that Ethan wasn’t comfortable with relationships and had been upfront with the information when they first got involved. He had married the mother of his son under severe pressure, and had to give up a sports scholarship to a good university to marry her. Yet less than half way through their ten-year marriage, he later uncovered, she had begun an affair.

What Leah found unusual about her caller and her boyfriend was that logically she should have been telling Vanessa to run — and quickly! Instead, as a Clairvoyant, she could see a soul connection…”A little thin ethereal cord that is all lit up and shimmery,” she explained to Vanessa. She felt that in this lifetime, Vanessa and Ethan’s relationship would eventually be healing for both of them.

“If you are easier on him, the relationship can unfold. You will have to trust that patience will win over pressure in this situation,” the psychic advised.

Satisfied with the information, Vanessa asked Leah to look into some business matters, before they completed the first reading.

“I call this a love project,” Leah describes. For many months, the intuitive helped Vanessa stay patient with Ethan, always reminding her that if the relationship became emotionally painful, she might need to rethink her decision to work through the situation.

Leah kept getting an image of Ethan smirking at Vanessa, acting reserved but actually quite taken by her love and her actions. The psychic was sure that Ethan was crazy about Vanessa. During one of their follow-up readings, the psychic saw Vanessa getting acupuncture. She also saw her playing with a child. “Have you been thinking about having a family?” she asked.

“Actually, it may seem strange but I’m so happy being an aunt to my brother’s kids, running my business and spending time with Ethan and his son that I honestly haven’t given it any thought,” she revealed. “But, it’s true that I am getting acupuncture treatments. I’ve been out of sorts lately.”

A month later, Vanessa called Leah in a panic. “I’m pregnant and I know Ethan’s going to flip out.”

“He will flip out,” the psychic responded. “His first response might be a bit ugly,” Leah warned. “Just don’t believe him. It won’t be his heart speaking. Tell him that you understand he’s confused, then leave and let him come to you…”

“Ethan was silent and miserable when I told him, about the baby. So, I left and just let him stew. About an hour later he called and asked if we could talk over dinner – and he proposed!” Vanessa reported.

Leah was quick to explain that Ethan had not changed – instead, his heart had finally opened.

These days Vanessa tells Leah that her husband occasionally still becomes distant, but she accepts him unconditionally. “You’ve taught me that you really can’t change anyone. If you can’t hang in there and love someone just as they are, then you’re looking for someone else and maybe you don’t know it!”

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