Why We Fake Orgasms

How to Avoid it Next Time

I used to pride myself on the fact that I never faked an orgasm. It was not until I was 27 years old that I faked it, and the situation was not what I expected. Before this incident, I used to think people had to fake it if their lover did not do a good job or they were not totally attracted to their partner. My case was the total opposite in both regards!

“What matters is your attitude toward sex.” – Psychic Simone ext. 5346

I was extremely attracted to this person, and he was an exceptional lover. However, this made me so nervous and anxious that I could not relax enough to let it happen. At a certain point, it was taking so long and I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I did what I never thought I would do: I made the moves and sounds I would normally make during an orgasm. This way, he would feel proud, and I could finally quiet my stressful inner voice.

When I reflect upon this experience, I realized just how important it is to be in a committed and monogamous relationship with someone you will have intercourse with. If this had been the case for me at that time, I would have felt comfortable enough with that person to either orgasm or not, without having to fake it.

Case in point, there can be any number of reasons to fake an orgasm. When you do feel like you have to go down that path, reflect on what you could do differently to avoid that situation in the future. I am going to share with you some questions I pondered regarding my first faked orgasm. Maybe this list will help you get to the bottom of things too:

1. Was I too nervous to orgasm?

2. Was I too uncomfortable to orgasm because I had not known the person long enough?

3. Was I feeling guilty because he was not a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?

4. Did I feel pressured to have sex?

5. Was I too uneasy in my new surrounding so I could not orgasm?

6. Was I just too excited to orgasm because my mind was racing?

7. Was I rushed and could not orgasm in time?

8. Was I not attracted to the person or too attracted to him?

9. Did I feel uncomfortable telling him how to make me orgasm?

Whatever the reason for faking it, you want to know what it is so that you can avoid it in the future. When you fake it, you do not get all the pleasure you deserve, and your partner is being deceived. If this is the person you trust and want to be with, then you should feel comfortable enough with them to communicate during your lovemaking. Are you having problems trusting your partner and you don’t know why? Get a relationship reading from Psychic Brendalynn ext. 5173 who can shed light on your situation.

Orgasms are a precious result of a physical and emotional state of being. Though I was incredibly attracted to this man I told you about and he was quite talented in bed, I was not emotionally connected to him and, thus, not confident enough in our relationship to relax and speak up. If you have faked it one or more times, hopefully my anecdote will shed light on your situation.

If it is an ongoing problem, you should consider calling a psychic for more insight. The issue could be within you, with your lover, or both of you. In fact, it could even be an issue that has resulted from past experiences or partners. Though a faked orgasm may seem like a small issue, it is the sign of a bigger problem that you deserve a handle on for you and your mate. Good luck on your pleasure journey! Need to talk to someone about your relationship, but not sure who? Talk to relationship expert Psychic Royce ext. 5448 and get the answers you need.

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